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DC Shoes

A Look at DC Shoes

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming to our blog. My name’s Sarah and as the new marketing assistant at Urban Surfer I’ve been really looking forward to getting on with some blogging. As it’s my first blog Ian has basically let me write about whatever I want! So I thought I might as well write about […]

Stance Socks: How strong is your sock game!

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“We exist to celebrate human originality” Stance socks have exploded onto the scene in the last five years and are quickly making a name for themselves in many areas of the market, from skateboarding, to wakeboarding, to CrossFit to golf. People are now giving creed to their “sock game”! Stance “exist to celebrate human originality,” […]

Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

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Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters. You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about ghetto style product for all the fresh skaters out there, this week its all about the Gnarl. When you think of the classic rock-star style gnarly skaters out there names like Heath Kirchart, Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala and […]

Keep Warm, Look Cool! Hats and Beanies for all the Family

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Brr it’s cold outside! Make sure you keep warm and look cool with hats and beanies from Urban Surfer. We have a large range of hats and beanies suitable for men, women and children. With our stock coming from great brands like Globe and Animal, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love. Check out some […]

Keep Warm! Snow Jackets for the Whole Family

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Winter. Cold, snowy days. Make sure you stay nice and warm in these conditions with a snow jacket. A large range is now available at Urban Surfer. We have a large range of jackets suitable for men, women and children. From top brands like Quiksilver, Santa Cruz and Animal (& more!), we’re sure you’ll find something you […]

Mega Sale – Save up to 80% on Womens clothes!

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The Urban Surfer mega sale is now on. As we look to make space for our Spring 2013 deliveries, you can save up to 80% on some of our fantastic brands. With over 1800 products reduced, this is our biggest sale yet and you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer! Check out […]