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Meet Paul Kirby: Surfer Dude From Bude

We at Urban Surfer love the opportunity to speak to someone in the industry who is passionate about what they do. This week we were fortunate enough to be able to interview Paul Kirby: surfer dude from Bude who gave us the down low on what it’s like to ride the waves… Hi Paul, it’s great […]

Catching Up with Corinne Evans

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We talk Mussels, Music, Tours and Cornwall with Corinne Evans Hello all! This week we had the opportunity to speak with one of our favorite surfers: Corinne Evans! We’ve spoke with Corinne previously (read here) and we thought it was time for a catch up. Corinne, one of the UKs best known surfers, is currently sponsored […]

Wales Finest Surfing Spots!

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Here at Urban Surfer we want to tell you about all of the awesome surfing spots the UK (and beyond!) has to offer. Next on our surf spot tour of the UK is the land of the red dragon – Wales! There’s more to Wales than lots of Sheep you know.. Check out some of Wales top […]

Surfing Spots in Scotland!

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Hello! Here at Urban Surfer we want to tell you about all of the awesome surfing spots the UK (and beyond!) has to offer. Next on our surf spot tour of the UK is Scotland! The land of Haggis, Kilts and some pretty decent surfing spots. Check out some of Scotland’s top surfing spots below First up, […]

Surfing Spots up North!

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Hello there! In a new feature, we want to show you all of the awesome surf spots across the UK and beyond. First up, we’ll be telling you all about spots close to Urban Surfer HQ up here in North East England! Check out some of the surfing spots in the North East below When we […]

News Roundup!

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Afternoon! Here’s some little bits of news from the past few weeks from the world of Surfing! We’re good to you aren’t we… Check out some news below Swift Moves! So, top surfer Jon Jon Florence is apparently dating country-pop singer Taylor Swift! He’s the latest in a line of famous names to be linked to […]

Garrett McNamara chats Records, Surfing & more with Urban Surfer

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Garrett McNamara is a record breaker. In November 2011, Garrett broke the record for the highest wave ever surfed in Nazaré, Portugal. The 78-foot wave beat the previous record, held by Mike Parsons, by over a foot! Fast forward to 2013. Same guy, same spot as 2011. Garrett attempted to break the record again! Although it’s […]

Corinne Evans Exclusive, Girls Only!

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Sometimes at Urbansurfer we feel as though the girls are a little left out on our blogs, and in the surfing world in general. So that’s why we’ve decided to bring you an exclusive women’s surfing report and a general overview of how the female scene is doing right now. And the best way to […]