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The Benefits of Keeping a Surf Journal

Why Should You Keep a Surf Journal? Surfing has a very steep learning curve and it may feel like you’re not getting anywhere at times. You can often take one step forward, followed by what feels like two giant steps backwards. Progress can feel horribly slow! A surf diary can make these steps seem less […]

Best Surf Breaks in the UK for Experienced Surfers

The UK has a number of great surf spots for beginners but the shorelines are not restricted to mellow waves. Below you will find some of the most challenging breaks around the UK ideal for intermediate to pro surfers! Croyde Bay, Devon Skill level: Intermediate Nearby surf schools: Croyde Surf Academy | Surf South West Accommodation: Baggy Lodge | […]

Slacklining: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

What is slacklining? Simply put slacklining is tightrope walking’s little brother! Slacklining was developed by climbers in Yosemite Valley, California in the late 1970s. When they were not climbing, they took flat nylon webbing and stretched it between two rocky anchors, and then learned to walk and balance on this webbing. In its purest form […]