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A Day at The Coast | Skateboarding Vid

A Day at the Coast | Skateboarding Vlog

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Hi Everyone, Our blogger Ed and his mates had a skateboarding day out last weekend. He kindly edited together the footage and sent us this awesome skate vlog. Watch the vid below and check out one of our other blogs if you fancy, I suggest Ed’s guide to skate lingo.  


Leg exercises for high skateboarding performance

The importance of leg exercises in skateboarding is crucial. A skateboarder with strong legs always has an opportunity to maintain balance for a longer period of time, obtain better jump height and obtain better hang time. Good movement is related to good leg exercises. If you train the legs properly and strengthen the proper muscle […]

skateboarding basics

Skateboarding basics – performing basic five things

If you want to be a successful skateboarder, the first thing you need to learn is skateboarding basics. There are basically five things in skateboarding, which are thought to be the elementary ones. Every skateboarder needs to learn basic five before even thinking of competitions and more complicated tricks. As an important part of skateboarding […]

skateboarding benefits

Skateboarding benefits that will make you think of starting it right away!

There are many skateboarding benefits you aren’t even aware of. When people hear the word skateboarding, many of them think about very dangerous activity for adrenaline junkies who like to risk their lives. But in the leisure time, skateboarding can be used in many ways – stress release, social factor, burning calories, competition… This is […]


Skateboarding exercises – how to improve the performances of your skateboarder

Many of the fans are absolutely sure skateboarding requires excellent control of the skateboard, spending hours in the skate park and nothing else. But there are other types of skateboarding exercises – for example, strength and conditioning exercises, which make the difference between an average skater and a world-class skater. Strength and conditioning is an […]