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skateboarding basics

Skateboarding basics – performing basic five things

If you want to be a successful skateboarder, the first thing you need to learn is skateboarding basics. There are basically five things in skateboarding, which are thought to be the elementary ones. Every skateboarder needs to learn basic five before even thinking of competitions and more complicated tricks. As an important part of skateboarding […]

dangerous skateboarding tricks

Dangerous skateboarding tricks – the most dangerous ones ever performed

Being a skateboarder can be fun from time to time. But performing dangerous skateboarding tricks can be fun and risky. Some skateboarders are simply adrenaline junkies. This post describes the most dangerous skateboarding tricks performed by extremely brave skateboarders. Some of them even risked their lives for a moment of glory, and some of them […]

Guide to the UK’s Best Surf Music Festivals 2017

Festival season is just around the corner, and tickets to this summer’s hottest events are selling like hot cakes! Embrace the wanderlust with UrbanSurfer’s guide to the best Surf + Music Festivals hitting the UK this summer! Electric Beach Festival 16th-17th June 2017 Great Western Beach, Newquay, Cornwall The two-day event offers a combination of […]

Sidewalk Issue 200, National Go Skateboard Day and more.

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Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine’s 200th issue should have already hit the shelves by the time you read this, even if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy yet you must have seen all the attention it’s been getting over the last few days on social networking sites. Sidewalk has been dedicated to bringing […]