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Best skateparks in the world – locations

There are so many wonderful skateboard parks. The best skateparks in the world have excellent tracks, polygons, design. Many skateboarders are attracted by them. This thread is going to describe the best skateparks in the world. Enjoy!   Best skateparks in the world   Livingston skatepark Location: Livingston, Scotland Description: quarter pipes, hips, and bowls […]


Popularity of skateboarding – why it grows so rapidly?

When it comes to skateboarding popularity, many people are wondering why it has grown so much during the last years. Skateboarding slowly, but surely conquers the market. There are many young skateboarders in cities who simply thrive on the thrill and excitement. This post will describe the main reasons for growth in the popularity of […]


Leg exercises for high skateboarding performance

The importance of leg exercises in skateboarding is crucial. A skateboarder with strong legs always has an opportunity to maintain balance for a longer period of time, obtain better jump height and obtain better hang time. Good movement is related to good leg exercises. If you train the legs properly and strengthen the proper muscle […]