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kids skateboarders

Kids skateboarders who became the world class competitors

There are so many successful kids skateboarders in the world. But have someone wondered why they are becoming so popular while so young? The answer is simple – if you buy your child a skateboard, it will learn. It will watch the best competitors. While spending time in skate parks, they will befriend with other […]

best skateparks

Best skateparks in the world – locations

There are so many wonderful skateboard parks. The best skateparks in the world have excellent tracks, polygons, design. Many skateboarders are attracted by them. This thread is going to describe the best skateparks in the world. Enjoy!   Best skateparks in the world   Livingston skatepark Location: Livingston, Scotland Description: quarter pipes, hips, and bowls […]


Popularity of skateboarding – why it grows so rapidly?

When it comes to skateboarding popularity, many people are wondering why it has grown so much during the last years. Skateboarding slowly, but surely conquers the market. There are many young skateboarders in cities who simply thrive on the thrill and excitement. This post will describe the main reasons for growth in the popularity of […]

choosing skateboard

Choosing skateboard – the ultimate 2017 buyers guide

Choosing skateboard is never an easy task at all. If you need something that will fulfill your needs for a longer period of time, you need to be cautious. Your desire mustn’t overcome your mind. You need to be a tactician – take a look at every single parameter. Just like in boxing – if […]

skateboard records

Records in skateboarding – human creativity has no limits

In the era of skateboarding records, skaters are finding new ways to prove themselves every single day. Some of them jump high, others invent new disciplines and set up records. If you want to be the best, you need to sacrifice yourself. Whether it is about your creativity or your special skill, earning the place […]

skateboard records

Skateboard records – the most impressive achievements

Many skateboarders try hard to earn their name in history. There are many impressive skateboard records that simply deserve to be remembered. It is not only about ollies and jumps. It is about impressive achievements that will always be remembered.   The most impressive skateboard records Here it comes – the most impressive skateboard records. […]

skateboarding tricks

Skateboarding tricks – the most exciting five ever performed

Over the years, many skateboarders were striving to invent something that will make them rich and famous. Here is the list of the most exciting skateboarding tricks that will always be remembered in skateboarding history. Like Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk, many other legends of this sport will always be known for their famous inventions. […]


Leg exercises for high skateboarding performance

The importance of leg exercises in skateboarding is crucial. A skateboarder with strong legs always has an opportunity to maintain balance for a longer period of time, obtain better jump height and obtain better hang time. Good movement is related to good leg exercises. If you train the legs properly and strengthen the proper muscle […]