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Ruka Cap

RUKA Brand Launch

Check out our Ruka (RVCA) Brand Launch! We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking that staple of Surf and Skate culture Ruka (Not RVCA! Lol). With caps, T’s, flip flop’s, caps and more we are sure they will be as popular with you guys as they are with us. For more information […]

Skate News – 40 years of Santa Cruz, Jerry Hsu, Josh Swyers.

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Last weeks blog, Scooter Kids – why everyone hates them, seemed to go down really well. Clearly it is an issue that just about everyone is dealing with in skateparks at the moment, I got a lot of responses from so many different people, even from kids that scoot themselves agreeing with everything I wrote […]

Scooter Kids – why everyone hates them.

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Why Does Everyone Hate Scooter Kids?   Whether you are a Skateboarder, BMXer or InLiner, you will have no doubt experienced the bane of all skate parks that is the Scooter Kid, I believe there is even a snowboarding equivalent that has been hitting the slopes now. Before I get started though, I would like […]

Death Skateboards visit Horden

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Death Skateboards visited Horden. Yes, you read that right, Death Skateboards visited the dark depths of Horden, Peterlee. “Yeah right, why on earth would Death Skateboards visit Horden?” is probably what you’re thinking and I would agree with you if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Well, whether you believe it or not, […]

Preston Park – Skatepark Design Proposals

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Stockton Council has received designs for a new skatepark to be built in Preston Park. Four schemes have been received from Bendcrete, Wheelscape, Gravity and California Skateparks. What is good here is that Stockton Council is actually asking for your opinion. Usually parks tend to be put together by partnerships with local Councilors and Youth […]

Southbank – a step closer to relocation?

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Southbank, I’ve briefly spoken about it before, but as the situation seems to be getting worse I’ve decided to write about it in more detail. I’m assuming that you already know about Southbank. As a skateboarder I believe you are expected to at least know of it’s existence, but for those that do not I’ll […]

Schund, “Something with Friends” mini interview.

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Today I’m going to talk about Schund. “What is Schund?” you might ask. Well I’m going to let one of my friends tell you about it. But first a little story. As a skateboarder I often find that I meet a lot of other like-minded individuals. Sure, that could be said about most hobbies, interests […]

Street League Munich and other news.

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Munich Street League Skateboarding/X-games 2013. The Street League Skateboarding/X-games event in Munich, Germany, over the weekend was something else. If you follow DC Shoes rider Nyjah Huston on Instagram or Facebook you will seen his photograph along with a few words saying he wouldn’t be able to compete in the event due to injury. I’ve […]