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Vert skateboarding basics recommendations suggestions

Becoming a skateboarder isn’t the much difficult task at all. But if you want to train vert skateboarding, you will need a lot more. You need to be a fearless man who blindly wants to succeed. You need to buy protective gear. You need to stay focused. Entering the world of vert skateboarding is never […]

skateboard records

Skateboard records – the most impressive achievements

Many skateboarders try hard to earn their name in history. There are many impressive skateboard records that simply deserve to be remembered. It is not only about ollies and jumps. It is about impressive achievements that will always be remembered.   The most impressive skateboard records Here it comes – the most impressive skateboard records. […]


Falling in skateboarding and lessening chances for injury

Falling is a part of skateboarding. To become a world-class skateboarder, knowing how to fall is critical. If you know what is the best way to lessen the chance of injury, you will skate longer. You will have more training sessions. Remember, practice makes perfect! The knowledge of falling will help you avoid injury, stay […]

rodney mullen

Rodney Mullen – the father of street skateboarding

When it comes to skateboarding, many people mention Tony Hawk or Bob Burnquist. But only true lovers of this sport remember Rodney Mullen – a skateboarder who invented the most of the tricks. He is the skateboarder who is more known by his nickname “The father of street skateboarding”. Winning his first competition at the […]

static core exercises

Static core exercises for skateboarders and its importance

If you want to create a world-class skateboarder, you need to train. You need a lot of sweat and a lot of training sessions. But what happens if you want to improve balance and hang time? Which kind of exercises is the best? Here comes the importance of static core exercises to the fore. When […]