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skateboarding secrets

Skateboarding secrets – why aren’t you a pro yet?

There are many skateboarding secrets that stand between an amateur and a pro. You may train for ages and never become a pro. It sometimes depends on the factors of luck. However, you are mostly the creators of your own destiny. This tutorial will present you the most important skateboarding secrets that make the difference […]

adrenaline junkie

Adrenaline junkie – warning signs with recommendations

Have you ever seen or befriend an adrenaline junkie? You probably have, but can you recognize it? Are you even aware how should the profile look like? This tutorial will explain you the most visible features of an adrenaline junkie. Here is a good compilation of adrenaline junkies.   Adrenaline junkie – recognition signs If […]

bam margera

Bam Margera – Skateboarding Legend

If you are a fan of skateboarding, you probably heard of Bam Margera. He is one of the best skateboarders from the USA. He appeared in many movies and television shows – Jackass movies, Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union… After Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, he is probably one of the most influential and […]

talented skateboarder

Talented skateboarder – recognition is easier than it seems

There are many kids which dream about becoming pro skateboarders. But have you ever wondered how will you pick up a talented skateboarder? What makes the difference between the average and the talented one? This guide will put you through the process of selection.   Talented skateboarder – the set of most important skills   […]


Injury minimizing guide with recommendations and advice

The injury is the worst thing that can happen to an athlete. No matter whether you are skateboarder, surfer, slackliner, climber… You will have to focus on injury minimization. If you hurt yourself, you won’t be able to train. When you don’t train, your performances will be decreased.   Injury – why is it so […]

skateboarding events

Skateboarding events this fall – high adrenaline levels

Skateboarding league is very interesting. There are many interesting skateboarding events during the year which should pay your attention. It is a great combination of attractiveness, danger and world-class moves and performance. Everybody who is an adrenaline junkie should visit these events and take a look at some breathtaking tricks.   The most interesting skateboarding […]

kids skateboarders

Kids skateboarders who became the world class competitors

There are so many successful kids skateboarders in the world. But have someone wondered why they are becoming so popular while so young? The answer is simple – if you buy your child a skateboard, it will learn. It will watch the best competitors. While spending time in skate parks, they will befriend with other […]

best skateparks

Best skateparks in the world – locations

There are so many wonderful skateboard parks. The best skateparks in the world have excellent tracks, polygons, design. Many skateboarders are attracted by them. This thread is going to describe the best skateparks in the world. Enjoy!   Best skateparks in the world   Livingston skatepark Location: Livingston, Scotland Description: quarter pipes, hips, and bowls […]

lower back muscles

Lower back muscles in skateboarding – importance and exercises

Lower back muscles are an important part of strength and conditioning in any sport. Despite many of you will think there is no lower back in skateboarding, you are wrong. Some muscles need to stabilize your body while performing breathtaking tricks and riding throughout polygons. Lower back muscles are the stabilizers of a human body […]

first skateboard

First skateboard – things you should never do for the first purchase

Many of us are impressed while buying the first skateboard. But the impression can destroy us sometimes. No matter how cute something looks, you never know what’s inside of it. The visible details are one thing, but the quality is something totally different. Here are some recommendations you should follow while purchasing your first skateboard. […]