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Summer Packing List: The Ultimate Guide

Even the best planned summer holidays can easily be spoilt by something as simple as forgetting to pack that one thing that just makes everything better for you, or that small necessity that you, well, need! Infuriatingly, it is always something that seems so simple, the everyday things that you use all the time (your […]

Stance Socks: How strong is your sock game!

“We exist to celebrate human originality” Stance socks have exploded onto the scene in the last five years and are quickly making a name for themselves in many areas of the market, from skateboarding, to wakeboarding, to CrossFit to golf. People are now giving creed to their “sock game”! Stance “exist to celebrate human originality,” […]

Gym bag hacks: How to pack it like a pro!

Do you find yourself throwing your dirty clothes into your gym bag, with your trainers, your damp towel and your toiletries, closing that zip and getting home a few hours later to a not terribly fragrant bag? Or do you get to the gym and find that you have to remove everything from your bag […]

Celebrating Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Success

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Here at Urban Surfer, we’re celebrating with Andy Murray after yesterday’s win. The five-set game was intense, but was won fair and square by the Scottish sport star. We can’t wait to see him in the Wimbledon semi-finals! Check out Andy in the video below celebrating in his Under Armour gear! Be a winner like Andy and shop Under […]

The Wallet Of The Future… TODAY!

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Do you ever feel like your wallet is too bulky? That it doesn’t fit comfortably in your pocket anymore? You aren’t alone and that is why a group of creative geniuses in Sydney, Australia rethought the model of the wallet back in 2007 and so Dosh Wallet were born. Since the creation of the classic Dosh, […]

New Emerica shoes, Reynolds, Provost and Heretic

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Why not treat your feet? We’ve had some new Emerica shoes land in the week and it’s up on the website now for you to check out and buy. I always look forward to the new Emerica shoes, I like the shoe styles and the skaters that ride for them. I like what they represent, […]

Vests, keeping your cool.

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It’s Hot, hot, hot! The heat is turning up out there now, summer is finally starting to make an appearance. BBC Weather forecasts temperatures in the 20s right through the weekend. It’s going to be a hot one, possibly too hot for skateboarding. Hell no, you just need a vest! Yep, you’ve guessed it, we’ve […]