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Common beginner skate questions

Common Beginner Skate Questions

So here’s this month’s blog post and as you’ve probably guessed by the title its common beginner skate questions, pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t really need an introduction, what I will say is this is aimed at those new to skateboarding, so beginners, kids and parents/partners of those who are new to it. So let’s get […]

Globe GS Skate Shoe

Globe GS Skate Shoes: Product Review

Globe GS Skate Shoes: Product Review Thanks for checking out our review of the Globe GS Skate Shoes. If you are looking for a hardwearing skate shoe which is a little more lightweight and flexible but still has all of the features you need to skate well then this is the shoe for you. However, […]

Globe Tilt Skate Shoes: Product Review

Globe Tilt Skate Shoes: Product Review

Globe Tilt Skate Shoes: Product Review Welcome to our review of the Globe Tilt skate shoes. As with all Globe shoes it is designed to be the perfect skate shoe, however, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t just very cool shoes to wear in any situation. The Globe Tilt gives you everything you need to […]

Do you know your Hellaflex from your S-Trac?

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Sometimes all you want is a comfy pair of shoes that will allow you trouble-free skating. When you’re looking at a new pair of skate shoes do you really know what Hellaflex or S-Trac means? Will it provide you with protection when you’re on the half pipe? That’s all you really want to know. Well, […]

Globe Spring 2014 Now Available

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We barely had time to get back into the swing of things after a relaxing Christmas holiday when our warehouse buzzer was pressed by the courier delivery the first of our Spring 2014 collection. The first off the van and onto our website are 10 exciting new colours in the popular Globe models of Encore […]

Talking with Taj

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So, we’ve been talking with one of our favourite surfers – Taj Burrow! Globe’s Aussie veteran spoke to us about the tour, changes and everyone’s favourite US TV show – Breaking Bad! Read our interview with Taj below US: Hi Taj. Thanks for talking to us! We’re nearly through with 2013. What have you been up […]

Globe Ice Cream Video

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If you have a spare 6 minutes or so, we recommend watching Globe’s latest video: Ice Cream. The video is an experimental Mexican journey featuring Globe rider Dion Agius.

Beavis & Butt-Head Arrive!

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As we get ever closer to the standard freezing, rainy, miserable weather Autumn will bring, our deliveries for the new season continue to arrive. This week, we got treated to two very interesting items from Globe. A new cruiserboard and a new pair of shoes. Instead of being you know, a standard board or a […]

SALE! Globe’s that don’t cost the Earth

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I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling the negative after effects of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, probably should have said no to that last drink and just called it a day. What better way to cheer you up and restore your faith in there being good in the world than some top […]

Cruiserboards, surfing the concrete wave.

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Cruiserboards, I haven’t blogged anything about these yet. In fact if you have a look back at my previous posts you’ll see that I usually focus only on street skating and park skating. That’s because I’m a street skater myself, although now I hit up a lot of parks more than I ever used to. […]