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Common beginner skate questions

Common Beginner Skate Questions

So here’s this month’s blog post and as you’ve probably guessed by the title its common beginner skate questions, pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t really need an introduction, what I will say is this is aimed at those new to skateboarding, so beginners, kids and parents/partners of those who are new to it. So let’s get […]

DC Shoes

A Look at DC Shoes

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming to our blog. My name’s Sarah and as the new marketing assistant at Urban Surfer I’ve been really looking forward to getting on with some blogging. As it’s my first blog Ian has basically let me write about whatever I want! So I thought I might as well write about […]


DC Kalis Lite Shoes: Product Review

DC Kalis Lite Shoes: Product Review Welcome to the rebirth of a skate shoe style classic. The DC Kalis Lite Shoes have been deconstructed and given the 2018 treatment. Deep down in the DC archives, they unearthed a piece of skate history: the Josh Kalis JK1. First released in 2000, DC took this iconic skate […]

DC Net Skate Shoes

DC Net Skate Shoes: Product Review

DC Net Skate Shoes: Product Review Welcome to our latest product review video for the DC Net Skate Shoes. The net is a classic style skate shoe which makes use of the newest tech to make sure it is stylish, performs well and is genuinely hard wearing. The fully padded shoes with an abrasion-resistant rubber […]

Vests, keeping your cool.

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It’s Hot, hot, hot! The heat is turning up out there now, summer is finally starting to make an appearance. BBC Weather forecasts temperatures in the 20s right through the weekend. It’s going to be a hot one, possibly too hot for skateboarding. Hell no, you just need a vest! Yep, you’ve guessed it, we’ve […]

20% off ALL DC Items!

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Hello! Did you save 20% in our bank holiday sale? Well, we’ve decided to give you all another great offer! You can now get 20% off all DC shoes, clothing and accessories with the discount code ’20OFFDC’. Simply enter the code at the checkout and the discount will be yours! Check out my personal favourite DC […]

New Products added from DC!

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New products are arriving! As we prepare for Spring/Summer 2013, there’s a pile up of new stock to add to urbansurfer.co.uk. From Quiksilver to Animal, we have all the latest collections from top brands. One of our best selling brands, DC, are in the process of sending us their fantastic new products for 2013. With […]

DC Shoes Spring 2013

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Our spring 2013 collection of DC shoes has started to land! So far we’ve received a couple of our most popular model – the Spartan High. We’ve got them in two colours, one of which is a Skullcandy collaboration and features a dual branded shoe as well as a pair of Skullcandy earphones! Our other […]