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Top 5 Back to School Tips

Top 5 Back to School Tips: How To Minimise Your Stress

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Back to school was always a tough time for me, anxiety was high and I DID NOT want to go back. I wouldn’t sleep the night before and I’d feel sick in the car on the way there. This, unfortunately, carried on into college and uni. My family often tried to help me feel less […]

Back to School Offer! 15% Off!

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Hi All! Hopefully you’ve all seen our Back to School shop now? It’s packed full of some first day back essentials – shoes, bags and more. No stationary though :(. Anyway, what could make our Back to School shop even better? More products? Well.. probably, yes. How about discount? Well, we’re offering 15% off any order […]

Prepare for Back to School!

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It’s August already! Next thing we know it’ll be Christmas! So, as the school holidays reach the half way stage, I’m sure you’ve started thinking about the start of a new year. In the final year of your GCSEs? About to start A-Levels? Perhaps you’re a fresher at Uni? Whatever the occasion Urban Surfer have something […]