Rodney Mullen

6 of Skateboarding’s Most Memorable Competition Runs

Hi guys Ed here again this week I’ll be going looking at some of the most memorable runs done in a competition, don’t worry this isn’t just going to full of Nyjah Huston runs from street league, hopefully, there will be some from pros you’re not familiar or competitions you’ve never heard of; First up […]

Unwritten Rules of the Skatepark

Unwritten rules of the skatepark

Ed here again with this month’s blog, before I start, I just want to say that yes I am aware of the irony of calling it unwritten rules of the skatepark then writing them down. Hopefully some of these you will have figured out yourself already, don’t worry if you haven’t we all start somewhere. […]

FlowRider Gateshead

New Year Skate Resolutions: Ed’s Blog

New Year skate resolutions: Ed’s Blog I’m not the type of person who usually makes new year resolutions, I believe that there’s no one time you should try to make yourself a better person so please don’t read these and dismiss them if it’s not the beginning of January, as you can try these at […]

Skate practice Night

Common Beginner Skateboarding Mistakes

Common Beginner Skateboarding Mistakes This month I’m going to talk about mistakes most people inadvertently make when learning to skate, I’ve been teaching skateboarding for around a decade now, so I’ve seen all the really common mistakes and some really unusual ones as well, but I’m only going to concentrate on the common ones, hopefully, […]

Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts We all know buying for people (let’s face it, mostly blokes) who spend all their spare time riding around, jumping off things and basically spending their time taking completely unnecessary risks in the name of fun can be an absolute nightmare. Unless you can not only work out what […]