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People You’ll Meet At A Skate Park

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If you spend any amount of time in a skate park you’re bound to meet some characters. Some of them more obvious and eccentric than others, but once you start venturing to different skate parks you will realise these people exist in pretty much every park. I’m sure you’ll recognise some people on this list […]

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do On A Skateboard

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Things you probably shouldn’t do on a skateboard, that you probably will anyway. Hi guys, Ed here again. This month I’m going to talk about some things that you probably shouldn’t do, but are really fun when you do them. There is various reasons that you shouldn’t do these, which I will go into. I’ll […]

Stupid Questions To Ask Skateboarders

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You might have heard the old adage there’s no such thing as a stupid question, the initial reason for this statement coming about is to encourage people in the quest for knowledge, is just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask, as it is better to ask, than to pretend you already […]

Klarna Now Accepted At Urban Surfer

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We’re pleased to announce that as of today you can pay later with Klarna at Urban Surfer. Klarna allows you to defer your payment for 30 days or split your payment into 3. Further details can be found during checkout.

Skateboarding’s Most Iconic Logos

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This month I’m going to delve into some iconic logos in skateboarding, as graphics on boards are such an important aspect skateboarding. It seems as if brand logos have become more important in skateboarding than in any other industry, with people vehemently defending their favourite brands as if their life depended on it. I’m not […]

More Skateboarding Tricks To Learn

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Hi guys Ed here again with this month’s blog. A lot of you seemed to like last month’s blog, tricks you should know, where I talked about tricks that set up a good base for learning other tricks, and are good for a beginner to learn. Some of you guys wanted me to expand on […]