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Surfboard Repair

Surfboard Repair: At home. On an Ironing Board!

Surfboard Repair: At home. On an Ironing Board! So, it’s mid-summer and you have dinged your board. You would like to get it in for a repair but everywhere is really busy. Well, it’s time to get your scruffy ‘work clothes’ out and do it yourself! With our step by step guide video, you can do […]

surfboard repair

Surfboard Repair: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

Disclaimer: This surfboard repair guide is simply meant as advice – you repair your surfboard at your own risk. For larger repairs (especially those involving the fin plugs, significant loss of foam, or damage to the stringer) I would strongly recommend contacting a local shaper or repair shop to do a professional job. Surfboard Construction […]

Surfing Morocco

Surfing Morocco: The Video!

Surfing Morocco: The Video! Hi everyone, Last month we asked our new surf blogger Will to review his recent trip to Morocco in his first article for us (Check it out: HERE) and without spoiling it for you we were all sat in the office looking at flights once we read it. So, because we […]