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How to choose ski goggle lenses.

How to Choose Ski Goggle Lenses

Hi, Welcome to our latest ‘How to’ video. This one explains how to choose ski goggle lenses, the differences between different goggle lenses, what the jargon means, and what type of lenses you should have for your riding. If you want to know more pop a comment below and we will get back to you […]

skiing disciplines

Skiing disciplines – types competition list equipment

To be able to understand skiing disciplines, the first thing that needs to be defined is skiing. It can have few meanings – a type of transport on the snow where you use skis or winter sports where competitors use skis to glide down the snow and achieve the best results. Some of the competitions […]

Oakley Winter 2017 Collection

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The Oakley winter 2017 collection is, in my opinion, the best they’ve ever made! The usual suspects are there including the ski/snowboard goggles and lenses alongside beanies and backpacks but this year there’s new essential styles and colourways added to the collection. Everything you need to hit the slopes is available all within the one […]

Snowboarding Scotland

The Life of a Scottish Snowboarder. Introducing Matt Bradley.

Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at our blog. We are really pleased to introduce you to our new blogger for all things snow related Matt Bradley. I’ll leave Matt to introduce himself below but we would just like to say a big hello, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for his […]

Send us your edit competition: Riding through rocks compilation!

Hi Everyone,   I thought we would share our first compilation of video’s from our send us your edit competition. I hope you enjoy!   Oh, and just as an asside, our Ski googles have started to drop for this winter, check them out here: https://www.urbansurfer.co.uk/snow/equipment/ski-goggles  


Parallel between skateboarding, surfing and skiing

It is very hard to find common facts between these three sports. Creating a parallel between exercises requires a thorough analysis and an amazing perception. But there are general facts which are very obvious. UrbanSurfer has a world-class parallel between those three sports. Many strength and conditioning exercises are in common when it comes to […]