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Stance Socks

Stance Socks Logo On The Inside or Outside? The Ultimate Question.

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As Europe’s biggest retailer of Stance, we see this question asked almost every day. Does the Stance logo on your socks go on the inside or the outside? Well, today we’re answering that question once and for all! I guess most of the time it doesn’t matter. Most casual socks aren’t anatomically correct in the […]

DC Shoes

A Look at DC Shoes

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming to our blog. My name’s Sarah and as the new marketing assistant at Urban Surfer I’ve been really looking forward to getting on with some blogging. As it’s my first blog Ian has basically let me write about whatever I want! So I thought I might as well write about […]

Ruka Cap

RUKA Brand Launch

Check out our Ruka (RVCA) Brand Launch! We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking that staple of Surf and Skate culture Ruka (Not RVCA! Lol). With caps, T’s, flip flop’s, caps and more we are sure they will be as popular with you guys as they are with us. For more information […]

Arcade Belt

Arcade Belts Product Review

Hi Everyone,   Welcome to our blog featuring a brand new brand for us Arcade Belts. These action sports belts are sure to become a new must have for anyone in to skating, MTB, BMX, Snowboarding Free-skiing and more. The flexible but strong Arcade Belts range are all quick drying and designed for outdoor use […]

Urban Surfer’s List of Best Surf Watches

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Surf watches are a valuable tool for surfers. In the past decade the surf industry has been developing action sports watches that measure and forecast tides for hundreds of surf spots globally. Recently, companies have been introducing watches with GPS and WiFi systems that allow users to update and check the ocean conditions in any spot, and in […]

Fitness Fashion Fix: Stance Socks

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Are you an Activewear Aficionado? How much thought do you put into what you wear to the gym, or to run around the park? If you haven’t started thinking more about your gym wear, chances are you probably will soon! Activewear is now booming and even the fashion elite are starting to notice. Fitness enthusiast […]