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The best yoga moves to up your surfing game: Urban Surfer’s Top 10 Poses

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Surfing is a demanding sport that requires constant training on and off the water. In addition to strengthening the body for surfing through sport specific training yoga too, can provide a wealth of benefits. Why yoga? Yoga and surf complement each other perfectly. Yoga practice develops strength, flexibility and balance. These are crucial when out […]

Fitness Fashion Fix: Stance Socks

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Are you an Activewear Aficionado? How much thought do you put into what you wear to the gym, or to run around the park? If you haven’t started thinking more about your gym wear, chances are you probably will soon! Activewear is now booming and even the fashion elite are starting to notice. Fitness enthusiast […]

Beach Clean Ups: Protecting Britain’s Shorelines

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How to help out this summer It is estimated that there are two pieces of litter for every footstep you take on a beach. In the aftermath of winter storms, or busy days on summer heatwaves UK’s beautiful beaches often resemble ‘marine litter disaster zones,’ covered in landslides of trash. The marine litter disaster is […]

Surf Stronger: Surf Fitness

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Tips and tricks to keep you fit as a fiddle for surfing! Surfing is one of the most pleasurable, but also one of the most physically challenging sports. To surf you need the skills to swim, to paddle out, to catch a wave, to balance on the board and to top it all off decision […]

Where to Snow Ski in Europe this Summer

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Are you not quite ready to hang up your ski boots? Are you still pining for the fresh mountain air? Fear not! If the five month regular season of most snow ski resorts was not sufficient, we have compiled a list of the top places to ski or snowboard over summer! 1. Hintertux, Austria The […]

Where to Wakeboard in the UK this Summer!

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Want to learn how to wakeboard this summer?   What is wakeboarding? Wakeboarding is a 30 year old water sport with origins deriving from water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. Wakeboarding radicalized the waterski industry as fast as snowboarding did with skiing. To get started you just have to determine whether to go down the boat […]