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Stupid Questions To Ask Skateboarders

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You might have heard the old adage there’s no such thing as a stupid question, the initial reason for this statement coming about is to encourage people in the quest for knowledge, is just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask, as it is better to ask, than to pretend you already […]

Klarna Now Accepted At Urban Surfer

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We’re pleased to announce that as of today you can pay later with Klarna at Urban Surfer. Klarna allows you to defer your payment for 30 days or split your payment into 3. Further details can be found during checkout.

Skateboarding’s Most Iconic Logos

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This month I’m going to delve into some iconic logos in skateboarding, as graphics on boards are such an important aspect skateboarding. It seems as if brand logos have become more important in skateboarding than in any other industry, with people vehemently defending their favourite brands as if their life depended on it. I’m not […]

More Skateboarding Tricks To Learn

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Hi guys Ed here again with this month’s blog. A lot of you seemed to like last month’s blog, tricks you should know, where I talked about tricks that set up a good base for learning other tricks, and are good for a beginner to learn. Some of you guys wanted me to expand on […]

Tricks you should learn on your skateboard

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This month’s skate blog is a list of tricks that you should aim to learn. These are all mainly beginner tricks, but the criteria for them to be on this list is that it is either a good base for learning other tricks and advancing or that they look good. Remember for every trick is […]

Games To Play On Your Skateboard

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Hi guys, Ed here again with this month’s blog. I decided to write about some different games you can play on your skateboard. I have taught skateboarding for around 10 years now with people of all abilities and ages and found a few games that work really well with increasing confidence and stability on a […]

Freestyling Skateboarding for the Freestyle Contest Season

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This month, I’ve managed to rope your favourite Urban Surfer blogger Ed Bread (Insta: @breadskates) into trying some freestyle skateboarding tricks with myself, Anthony Simm (Insta: @anthonysimmskate). I’ve known Ed for a few years now, since returning to skateboarding after a 12 year break. Both of us spend a lot of time skating at Dynamix […]

7 Pointless Gimmicks in Skateboarding

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Hi guys, Ed here again with this month’s blog. This month I’m going to be talking about lots of different gimmicks in skateboarding, some of these are actually good, while others are absolutely dreadful. I’ll start off by giving you the Cambridge dictionary definition of gimmick, which is; “something that is not serious or of […]

Darryl Grogan Freestyle Skater

A Blast from the Past: Freestyle Skateboarding with Darryl Grogan

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A Blast from the Past: Freestyle Skateboarding with Darryl Grogan If you follow us on Instagram then you will probably know that one of our recent Throwback Thursday videos has gained quite a lot of attention. This video features Darryl Grogan Freestyle Skating at the 89′ Savannah Slamma. When I posted the video, I knew […]