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active stretching skateboarding exercises

Active stretching skateboarding exercises – tips tricks

As we have already described in the previous article, the most important muscles in skateboarding are lower back muscles, hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, and adductors. Active stretching skateboarding exercises are very important if you haven’t got a partner or a teammate who will help your muscles relax after a hard training session. You need to […]

skateboarding stretching exercises

Skateboarding stretching exercises – what after the ride?

Stretching is a very important part of any physical activity. Skateboarding is difficult by itself since it requires a lot of direction changes, jumps, adjustments, and rotation. Skateboarding stretching exercises are something any skateboarder, regular or pro, should know. After the training session was successful, you need to work hard to return the length of […]

enjoy skateboarding

Enjoy Skateboarding – Urban Surfer’s Ultimate Guide

There are many ways to enjoy skateboarding. Have you ever wondered how you can improve the feel of it? Many skateboarders simply ride for fun. There are also athletes who want to become professionals and superstars. But what if you are a simple regular man who wants to enjoy the ride? Simply follow our tutorial […]

female skateboarders

Female skateboarders – the most known competitors

Female skateboarders are not that much known in the world of skateboarding. Female skateboarding is developing rapidly during the last few years. A lot of promotions has been done to attract the most known female skateboarders. Skateboarding is definitively one of the hottest extreme sports during the last few years. There are more and more […]

skateboarding clothes

Skateboarding clothes – dressing like a skater made easy

Skateboarding clothes are not the primary sign of the skateboarders, but it is definitively the sign of recognition. There are many things your idols like Bob Burnquist or Tony Hawk prefer. But be sure you will be more recognized in the skateboarding community if you dress like one of them. Let’s assume you are an […]

world-class skateboarder

World-class skateboarder versus regular skateboarder

When it comes to the difference between a world-class skateboarder and a regular skateboarder, there is a surprising fact. It is very little! Believe it or not, there are tiny details that make the difference between the legend, the superstar, and an average skateboarder. Becoming world-class skateboarder isn’t easy at all.  But maintaining this status […]

skateboarding discipline

Skateboarding discipline – choosing your favourite one

The choice of the skateboarding discipline determines the development of your skateboarding career. There are many teenagers all over the world who became successful skateboarders. But when did they choose their skateboarding discipline? How did they determine which is the most suitable for them? Do you need motivation or not? How to succeed? These guidelines […]

skiing disciplines

Skiing disciplines – types competition list equipment

To be able to understand skiing disciplines, the first thing that needs to be defined is skiing. It can have few meanings – a type of transport on the snow where you use skis or winter sports where competitors use skis to glide down the snow and achieve the best results. Some of the competitions […]