People You’ll Meet At A Skate Park

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If you spend any amount of time in a skate park you’re bound to meet some characters. Some of them more obvious and eccentric than others, but once you start venturing to different skate parks you will realise these people exist in pretty much every park. I’m sure you’ll recognise some people on this list perhaps even yourself. So let’s get into it;

The scooter kid.
I won’t dwell too much on this character as most people are already aware of them, but they can be seen at every park riding their scooters with zero spatial awareness oblivious to the fact they’ve just caused five people to crash. Whilst these are frustrating they’re also helping keep the indoor skate parks open so if you want to avoid these try to go to the park while they are at school.

The kid who asks too many questions.
They will come up and ask you any question they can think of related to the skate park or what tricks you can do. “Can you kickflip?” and “what’s your best trick?” being their favourite questions to ask amongst a host of others to do with your setup: “What’s your YouTube channel?”, “Are you
sponsored?”. Well these can be annoying; try to just look at them as being eager to know more about skating.

Shy kid.
This kid will sit in the peripheral of whatever area you’re skating, trying his own tricks but not wanting to skate the same area you are, but watching out of the corner of his eye with keen interest as to what you’re doing. This kid is usually too shy as he doesn’t feel he is good enough to skate with you. The
best way to deal with this kid is to encourage him to skate the same obstacle and give him praise when he does something that is difficult for him. You never know; he might progress fast and end up a key member of your crew.

The inexplicably good kid.
The opposite of the shy kid, typically around 10 years old, has a good bag of tricks and skates way better than you. Nobody’s sure why these kids get so good so fast. Is it magic, is it some special food they’re eating? It’s a mystery but it’s a fact of life. Don’t worry you’re not the only person who is jealous of them, just don’t put them down due to your jealousy; encourage them because they are a skater just like you. The only difference being that you’ve skated longer than they’ve been alive and they are still better at it than you. Don’t become the shy kid around them, just skate with them.
Here’s one of the kids from my local park; give him a follow.

The actual scooter rider.
Not to be confused with the scooter kid, as this kid will actually try to learn tricks, be able to do tricks and have spatial awareness so as not to get in everybody’s way. Don’t be a dick to him just because he’s on a scooter.

The lesser spotted freestyler.
While thought to have went extinct in the 80s there is still a small population of them. In fact the scene is actually growing, there used to be five of them now there is at least 10. Be careful when approaching these creatures as they can be easily startled by tricks that go over 3mph. They are not an invasive species and are nothing to be scared of, but please take caution when playing games of skate against them as they have a bag of tricks that you’ve never even heard of that defy the laws of physics.


The female skater.
Treat it like you would any other skater. Don’t show off, don’t put her down and don’t hit on her; she is there to skate, just like you are. I really shouldn’t need to say this but unfortunately I do.

I used to skate.
Usually had a couple of beers and is just passing through. He can’t help but stop to tell you how he used to skate and be really good when he was about your age. While sometimes obnoxious and annoying they could be thinking about getting back into skating and are just testing the waters so again be nice to them, as you might see them in the park a couple weeks later with the new board.

The old guy.
Usually found around the bowl in shorts and knee pads and a helmet this guy has never really stopped skating. He usually has a solid bag of tricks but once pushed himself too hard as stuff hurts more when you get older. Can often be seen early in the morning in a bid to avoid annoying children, as this is his break from his own kids.

Crazy homeless guy.
This isn’t to say that all homeless people are crazy, more the ones who hang around skateparks are. They tend to be heard before they are spotted, usually shouting about how the pigeons are out to get him. These people are best avoided and usually addicted to crack or some other drug.

The rollerblader.
Whilst once considered enemies of skateboarders, the scooter kid has taken that job away from them, so its now socially acceptable to be friends with them. While not as common as they were 20 years ago they can still be seen congregating around the rails of the skatepark, a nice aroma usually follows them around the park due to their penchant for using scented candles to make the rails slide with minimum effort. Perhaps one day they will learn that if you go faster, you don’t need as much wax. The only caution needed to be taken around the rollerbladers is if you plan to skate a rail after them, hit it slowly the first time.

I have a load more of these, so expect an addition to this list soon.

Cheers for reading guys


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