Tricks you should learn on your skateboard

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This month’s skate blog is a list of tricks that you should aim to learn. These are all mainly beginner tricks, but the criteria for them to be on this list is that it is either a good base for learning other tricks and advancing or that they look good. Remember for every trick is if you’re finding it too difficult or scary find something smaller to do it on, but most of all just have fun with it.

You might already know some or all these tricks. If you do, great, go faster and do them on something bigger. So, let’s get started. I’m going to start with a really obvious one here;


I couldn’t write this list and leave this out as it’s such a fundamental trick. Once you learn this trick, you’ll wonder how you ever skated without being able to Ollie. If you don’t know what this trick is, it’s basically a jump where the board leaves the floor. The reason this trick is great as you can use it to get up things down things, over things and on. I’m not going to tell you how to do it as there are millions of tutorial videos online, all the other entries on this list won’t have links to tutorials, so you’ll have to find one that works for you. This is also the base trick for pretty much every flip trick. So, get practising. If you haven’t quite mastered this yet try the next trick;

Chinese nollie

Also known as a crack nollie. This is a really simple and fun trick. It’s where you use a small crack in the pavement to do a nollie (an ollie done from the front of your board) I’m not sure where the Chinese part of the name came from. This is a surprisingly easy trick to learn, and great for English skaters who have to contend with lots of uneven paving. To do it find some paving or a crack where one side is raised a couple of centimetres (1 inch) ride towards the crack standing at the front of your board as if you’re about to do a nollie and just as you’re about to hit it, instead of popping your nose do a little jump. Your wheels will bounce up the crack and lift your skateboard into the air resulting in a weird nollie.

Running onto your board

This is exactly what it sounds like, it’s where you run and hop onto your board and skate away. This trick is great for when you need to build up speed in a short amount of time, as the only limit for how fast this will get you, is how fast you can sprint. When you’re learning this start off at walking pace, don’t go straight for full speed, so quite literally walk before you can run. So to do the trick hold your board by the nose with your front hand, walk along holding the board beside you with the back wheels on the floor as you go to let go of the board lift your front foot into its normal pushing position and as the board goes down your foot should be in its normal pushing position as soon as possible hits the floor, then push with your back foot and right away. Once you can do this comfortably, try it a little bit faster, then keep increasing your speed as your comfort level goes up, until you can do it at full sprint.


This is the next evolution of the previous entry, this trick is just the act of jumping onto your board, it can be done off things, onto thing, down stairs or into ramps. The easiest way to learn this trick is find a patch of grass, or that spongy tarmac stuff at kids Parks. The reason for this being when you land your board won’t roll like it would on a smooth surface, making it easier to land. Once you found the place you want to learn it, stand holding your board in your front hand, jump in the air, put the board under your feet, let go and land standing on your skateboard. Once you’re comfortable doing this on a soft surface take it to some concrete. When you start doing it on concrete you need to jump forward slightly as this will give you the momentum to roll away once you land. Once you can do this comfortably start jumping off small walls take it as big as you want.

Drop off the curb

I’m putting this one in as it’s a handy “want to know” and read perfectly to the next entry. The way you want to do this trick is right towards the curb, before your front wheels drop off, lift them into the air so that the board stays level as if the drop wasn’t there, keep the board in this position until you’re back wheels have come off the curb then land with all four wheels at the same time, and roll away. This works the same no matter how high the curb on ledge is.


This trick got its name due to the sound it makes when you do it down stairs. For this trick, start off learning it on a curb. Do everything that was said in the previous entry apart from rather than dropping with the board level, you slap the tail off the curb. Once you’ve mastered this try it on a set of stairs with two steps (going a bit faster), and slap your tail off both steps, then try it on a three stair (going a bit faster again), four stair and so on, the more stairs and faster, the better it sounds.

Enjoy reading guys, hope you have fun trying these tricks. If you want to see some of my skating check out Urban Surfers YouTube channel, or follow me on Instagram @breadskates


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