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Recipe for Success: Urban Surfer’s Top 8 Delicious & Healthy Surf Recipes

Picture this: you’re riding in prone on your final wave after a wild winter surf in the North Sea. 120 excruciating minutes battling everything the elements could throw at you; it seemed sunny when you left the beach, right? But the ever-sadist Mother Nature managed to lure you out, before mutating those light offshores into a raging tempest. Nevertheless, we are a hardened breed. No gale-force gust or agonising hail-storm can keep us from those perfect (well, once-a-year) swells that thunder towards our rugged coastline. So what is our recipe for success?

Fun fact: the sea around Newcastle is the coldest water anywhere in the UK, thanks to the Atlantic Current merging with the frigid Norwegian Current as it flows through the Norwegian Trench. Not even the Gulf Stream can offer relief, as it is unable to circumnavigate Scotland’s east coast and overshoots straight towards the Scandinavian Peninsula. So watch out for polar bears on your next surf (or maybe just seals…)

Anyway, back to the point. You finally drag yourself onto the beach, unleash, and begin removing all 7 layers of neoprene while huddled behind your car door to shield from the horizontal rain.

But fear not. Urban Surfer have compiled the ultimate list of our favourite surf recipes to revitalise you, and replenish your motivation to do it all again tomorrow.

All the recipes have been created, cooked, and photographed by me. Each contain a healthy balance of carbs, fat, and protein (sorry, no Keto or Paleo here) and, although I eat far from a vegan diet, they’re all loaded with plenty of veg. The best part? They’re all super easy and quick to prepare! Let’s dive in.

(Also, be warned: I eat a lot, so maybe the serving sizes will be slightly over for most people… especially if you’re used to the crazily rationed portions that supermarkets recommend on the back of their packets)

Recipe 1: Nasi Goreng (Bali)

Nasi Goreng Recipe

I’ll start with a dish that most well-travelled surfers will now very well; take yourself back to Indo with this luscious local delicacy.

While eating this one, imagine yourself sitting in the Single Fin restaurant overlooking some long peeling lefts at Uluwatu…

Recipe 2: Shakshuka (Morocco)

Moroccan Eggs Shakshuka Recipe

Next up is a breakfast classic from North Africa. Eat it on its own, or with some authentic Moroccan Khubz (flatbread), and be sure to feel energised for your morning surf session at Anchor’s.

Check out my blog: Why You Should Make Morocco Your Next Summer Surf Destination and vlog: Surfing Morocco: The Video! for a recap of my Moroccan travels!

Recipe 3: Poke Bowl (Hawaii)

Poke Bowl Recipe

This one is arguably easier to cook than to pronounce. A ‘Po-kay’ bowl is a raw Hawaiian dish traditionally made with Ahi Tuna (but any fish will suffice) and a melange of crunchy crudités.

It’s safe to say I was very thankful to have eaten my lunchtime poke bowl on this day at Pipe… Although I wasn’t quite as graceful as an Ahi Tuna when the outer sets landed on my head.

Check out my Hawaii blog: Hawaii: An Intermediate’s Experience Surfing the Best Waves in the World and vlogs: Surfing in Hawaii and Billabong Pipe Masters 2018 to inspire your next surf trip. Poke Bowl’s taste much nicer when made by a local and eaten under a palm tree!

Recipe 4: Carbonara (Italy)

Chicken and Pancetta Carbonara Recipe

Surely the secret to Leo Fioravanti’s success on tour, the Carbonara is the epitome of a quick, tasty, and nutritious dish. Carb load for your next ocean marathon and surf until your arms turn to spaghetti.

Beware, we have reached an age in which many people think they can spoil a carbonara with cream. It’s completely unnecessary, less healthy, and tastes worse. Don’t condemn generations of Italians to turn in their graves: leave out the cream, please.

Recipe 5: Chicken Satay (Bali)

Another favourite from the mythical island of lefts (well, except for Keramas, and – would you believe it – Airport’s Right, among a few others). This is one of my go-to meals when I crave a decadent (yet healthy) treat.

Here’s a photo of me going left at the adequately-named neighbouring reef to Airport’s Right: Airport’s Left. Can you guess why they called it that…?

Recipe 6: Sushi (Japan)

Channel your inner Kanoa Igarashi and prepare for surfing’s inauguration at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

It’s easier than you think to make sushi at home – and wayyyy cheaper, not to mention a lot of fun!

Just source some sashimi-grade fish from your local market (tell the fishmonger you want to eat it raw, and they’ll know what to give you) and pick up the last few supplies from an Asian supermarket.

Recipe 7: Lamb Tajine (Morocco)

A duplicate country, again, but how could I leave out this true favourite from my visits to Taghazout?

Warm and hearty and the equivalent price of about £1 in Moroccan Dirham (although who knows what could happen post-Brexit), a good tajine is unbeatable.

‘Tajine’ is actually the name of the earthenware pot used to cook this dish – so unless you have one, the recipe isn’t technically a ’tajine’. If you want to be accurate, we can call it Lamb Tajine without a Tajine. Which is just lamb. Doesn’t sound so excited anymore, does it? Maybe we’ll just overlook formalities for this one.

Recipe 8: Açaí Bowl (Brazil)

Notoriously nutritious, and practically synonymous with the latest Instagram superfood craze, açaí na tigela originates from Brazil. The bowls build upon a base of blended açaí palm fruit (grown in South American rainforests), and are topped with granola, tropical fruits, guarana syrup, and whatever else your (surely very fit and health-conscious) heart desires. What better way to top off your morning yoga routine?

I have to admit, I’ve never actually made this one so I can’t provide a recipe yet (although homemade granola is a firm favourite of mine). Nonetheless, a quick google search will bring up plenty of instructional blogs, I’m sure.

While undeniably popular in Hawaii, I first tried one on the beach at Supertubos (Peniche, Portugal), while watching the MEO Rip Curl Pro. (Check out my blog: Surf Travel to Portugal: A Personal Experience of a Summer Chasing Swells and vlog: Portugal Surf Trip from that adventure!).

I was reliably told by the seller that, “AÇAÍ GETS YA BARRELLED BRAHHH!” The waves were firing, and the açaí seemed to be working for Gabriel Medina (he’s Brazilian, so must live off the stuff, right?) so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the effects to kick in. I guess they forgot to tell me about the 12 month initiation period, so I’m looking forward to getting royally shacked in Cornwall next month. Stay tuned to my blogs to find out if it works.

Wilko didn’t eat his Acai this morning, and look what happened…

Nothing tastes as good as a big bowl of heavenly home-cooked food after a tough surf… or why not invigorate yourself for an afternoon session by cooking up a storm at lunch-time?

Try out the recipes and let me know what you think in the comments – or, if you have your own favourite recipes, please share them too!

In the meantime, check out these choices from Urban Surfer to help you stay stylish throughout the Summer-Autumn transition…

~ Will (@willdavies11)

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