Stupid Questions To Ask Skateboarders

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You might have heard the old adage there’s no such thing as a stupid question, the initial reason for this statement coming about is to encourage people in the quest for knowledge, is just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask, as it is better to ask, than to pretend you already know the answers?

Despite this, some questions can seem like stupid questions depending on your point of view. For instance, these questions are all stupid questions to ask a skateboarder, so I’m going to list them and answer them for you so that you don’t have to ask anybody them. If you have skated for a while chances are you’ve encountered these before.

What is the best brand of skateboard?

This one is a stupid question, as any answer given is only ever going to be subjective. As so much of what makes a skateboard good compared to another one comes down to personal preference by the rider. The reasons why somebody may prefer one brand over another are multiple, ranging from the graphics of the board, who is on the team or even where the brand is based. So if you want to find out which brand is the best try loads out and see what works for you.

Who is the best skater?

With such a varied amount of disciplines and styles of skateboarding, it is impossible to pick one person who is the best. Similarly to the brand question above, this is also a subjective question is what I think looks good you might not and vice versa. My answer when asked this question is always who is having the most fun at the time, as it doesn’t matter what your ability is, as long as you are having a good time, that’s all that matters.

What ABEC are your bearings?

This one really annoys me, not because of the person asking it, but the fact the skate industry has perpetuated the idea that an airbag rating affects your skating. At some point I will do a blog entry going into more detail on this, but for the sake of space in this article I’m just going to briefly explain why they don’t matter. Basically all the airbag rating is the “tolerance” of the bearing, essentially how precise the manufacturing processes. While this might sound like it’s important, it is not for skateboarding, as skateboarding does not need such precise tolerances. But for some reason the skate industry keep using the ABEC rating as the main selling point. Don’t buy into it, as you won’t feel the difference between ABEC3 and ABEC9.

What’s your best trick?

This is another one of them subjective questions, is what one person thinks is great another doesn’t. My usual reply to this question is to just state whichever trick having the most fun doing at the time, or the trick I’m in the middle of learning.

I think what annoys me a bit more about this question is it is usually asked by somebody who doesn’t skate, so even if I told them the name of my “best trick” chances are they don’t know what it is, resulting in the answer they receive being unsatisfactory.

Can you kickflip?

I’m including the other variation on this, which is “do a kickflip”, as they are both just as annoying

This one isn’t so much a stupid question as it isn’t an obvious or arbitrary answer, it’s more just really annoying. What makes it more annoying is when it shouted by somebody in a beer garden, somebody in a passing car, or somebody as I skate past perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if it was a genuine question, I found the easiest way to avoid the people who persistently shout do a kickflip at you, is just say you can’t do them and walk away, they lose interest very quickly.

Is it too late to start skating?

Simple answer to this one, no it’s not. It doesn’t matter what age you are you stop learning, if you start later in life, yes, you might not go pro or be able to do big stairs and huge ramps, but you can still go out and have fun on a skateboard. It’s not about how good you are it’s about how much fun you’re having. Don’t believe me check out this bloke


Here’s a bonus question for you, that Icame upon when I was looking for ideas of stupid questions. Somebody who works in a skate shop told me about this one. it isn’t a common question, but it has been asked before, so I decided to add it onto the list.

Can you take a picture of the boards pop?

In case you don’t know “pop” refers to the feel of a board when the tail hits off the floor and jumped into the air, I can see how the kid made this mistake, it must’ve heard to get a board with good pop, without understanding what it was, if you ask this to a skate shop you will be laughed at.

Thanks for reading guys, feel free to give me a message on Instagram @breadskates with anything you want to see me write about.


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