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New Year Skate Resolutions: Ed’s Blog

New Year skate resolutions: Ed’s Blog

I’m not the type of person who usually makes new year resolutions, I believe that there’s no one time you should try to make yourself a better person so please don’t read these and dismiss them if it’s not the beginning of January, as you can try these at any point of the year.

I’m going to try to avoid really specific goals such as learn to kickflip so that this list will be useful to everyone no matter how long you’ve skated, all the goals don’t need to be accomplished just once if you found any one of them fun keep doing it or variations of it.

I’m going to start with an obvious one first;

Learn a new trick.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be, I might be to just ride with just one foot on the board, drop in a bigger ramp, or learn triple backflips, if you’re stuck for ideas just watch footage of other people skating for ideas, see what you like the look of then try it out for yourself or a variation of it, here’s a section to give you some ideas

Visit more skateparks.

Visit your first skatepark or hit up an entirely new one or a road trip to lots of parks in a day, explore some new terrain and get some ideas for the next point;

Build something to skate.

Get out there and build something to skate whether that is a plank of wood on a brick or a full DIY park there’s something special about skating something that you’ve built yourself.

Try a new style of skating

if you skate street try skate bowl if you already do both try slalom there are countless styles out there to try to name a few for you to try if you don’t know what they are, get on YouTube and get inspired. Street, bowl, freestyle, slalom, freeride, racing, dancing


A very neglected part of skateboarding, if you want to keep skating you need to start looking after your body now, so do some stretches before and after you ride, join a yoga class, go with your mum to here Pilates class. No matter what your viewpoint is regarding skateboarding as a sport, your body is going through the same stress if not more than in any other sport where a warm up would seem normal.

Skate a curb.

If you’ve skated for a while you might remember skating curbs when you first started skating and how you and your friends could spend hours at a curb, and every curb is slightly different with some having “ramps” at the parts that drop down for wheelchairs, now you can go back and do all your best ledge tricks and dream tricks at a nice tiny “ledge”, so go find one and practice your tre flip back tails. If you’ve never skated a curb go try it out you can pretend it’s a ledge they’re good for learning ollieing up thing, dropping off, doing tricks up/off, slappies are great fun so just go and get creative.

Go fast/bomb hills.

The great thing about fast is that it’s subjective, so go at a speed that you feel is fast then try go faster, find bigger longer hills I’ve mentioned hill bombs in a previous post on skate lingo (below) the current record for the top speed on a board is held by Pete Connolly who went 91.17mph/146.73kph

Urban Surfer’s Guide to Skate Lingo

Go old-school.

Pick an era in skating and have a day where you only do tricks from that era and in that style so if you pick the 90s, do some pressure flips and make sure all your tricks are done at 1mph theres countless options forthis,, watch an old video then go imitate it.

Go further.

Get out for a cruise along the river or use it to get to the shops, just go step out your house and skate further than you’ve ever skated before, just make sure to remember some money for thebuss back when you can’t be bothered to skate back.

Make a video part.

Whether it’s by yourself or with a group of friends it’s never been easier to make a part you’ve got everything you need in your pocket on your phone, it can film it, edit it and put it up online for you, don’t worry about the quality, just do it for the fun and for yourself, then look back on it in a couple of years and have a good old nostalgic look back.

Try a new board sport.

I was recently taken by Ian to try the flow rider, and had a great time it was strange trying to transfer my skate knowledge at first as you can see in this month’s video (below) when I get speed wobbles I got a bit confused at first as I want moving forward but I finally got the hang of it, if you don’t have access to a flow rider try body boarding, surfing, snowboarding addle boarding, you never know you might be a natural.

Buy something new.

Go on treat yourself to some new wheels or perhaps a new complete board, everyone deserves a treat now and again, perhaps treat yourself after you’ve done a couple of things on this list.

Find animal chin.

Join the search for animal chin.

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