More Skateboarding Tricks To Learn

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Hi guys Ed here again with this month’s blog. A lot of you seemed to like last month’s blog, tricks you should know, where I talked about tricks that set up a good base for learning other tricks, and are good for a beginner to learn. Some of you guys wanted me to expand on this list, so this month I’m going to add even more tricks to that list. If you haven’t read last month’s you can read it here.

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Without further ado let’s get on with a list of tricks for you to go out and learn.


This follows on from dropping off a curb, which I mentioned in last months post. It’s essentially just pulling a wheelie. To do this all you have to do is lift your front wheels off the floor while riding and hold them up for as long as possible while riding on your back wheels. Keep practising this until you can hold this trick for as long as you want. When learning this trick going fast will help you get further while in the manual, you can also link this trick up with an Ollie on to something landing in a manual then drop off the end again. Once you’re comfortable at normal manuals have a try with nose manuals. The only difference with the nose manual is that you lift your back truck up and balance on your front wheels.

Hippy jump.

Don’t worry, you don’t need dreadlocks or an overwhelming smell of the patchouli oil to be able to do this trick. All you need is a small rail or something similar. This trick involves your board going under something while you jump over it, Richard Jackson has some brilliant variations on these, check them out here.

When you’re learning this trick, approach the rail slowly, step on the rail whilst kicking your board under it. Once your board is on the other side of the rail step back on, once you’ve mastered this try it without stepping on the rail, you jump over it, your board goes under, you land and roll away.

Once you’ve mastered this get creative with it. Try it with longer jumps, higher jumps, spins, tricks under the rail and have fun with it.


Nothing bean related with this trick, it’s just what’s used to maintain and gain speed on ramps. While being a relatively simple action to do, while you’re learning it getting the timing right can be difficult, hopefully my description will help you along.

When first starting out with this trick you just want to go up the ramp and back down fakie. (Fakie is just riding backwards, if you don’t know how to do that, look at the next trick in this blog). Start off skating towards the quarter pipe, as you go up the ramp, start to straighten your legs and raise your arms as if you’re trying to make yourself really light, then as you start going fakie bend your knees slightly and make yourself heavy. Then when you’re on the flat just ride away. Earlier timing is everything with this trick, you’ll know when you get it right, as once you get to the flat you will have a sudden burst of speed. Once you can do it going this direction take it to mini ramp, get enough speed to hit the quarter pipe behind you and just repeat the actions while going fakie. You can even try throwing in a kick turn at the point between where you make yourself light and heavy. If you get it right you will be getting to either side of the mini ramp and getting higher every time. Carving a bowl uses the same technique, just going around a corner rather than up and down.

Ride fakie.

This is basically just going backwards without adjusting your feet, if you want to learn this (which you do) ride up a ramp, then let gravity bring you back down. Key aspects for learning this is to keep your weight centred, your knees bent and as soon as you start going backwards turn your head so you’re facing the direction your skating. Start off low on the ramp and gradually work your way up as you become more comfortable with it, if you can Ollie try do one on the ramp and ride back down fakie when you land.

Kick turn.

All there is to this trick is turning around. Go up a ramp, as you approach the point where you stop and change direction start twisting your shoulders the direction you want to turn, lift your front wheels up turn your board to catch up with your body, aimed down the ramp, but your wheels down bend your knees and ride away.

Thanks for reading guys have fun playing with these tricks don’t forget to check out my videos on Urban Surfers YouTube channel here.

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