Games To Play On Your Skateboard

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Hi guys, Ed here again with this month’s blog.

I decided to write about some different games you can play on your skateboard. I have taught skateboarding for around 10 years now with people of all abilities and ages and found a few games that work really well with increasing confidence and stability on a board and are just good fun to play. Some of these will be variations on childhood games that you already know (possibly under a different name depending where in the world/country you’re based) so you may be slightly familiar with some of them, but possibly never played them while on a skateboard. Even if you are already comfortable on a board why not try the games anyway just for a bit of fun, it doesn’t matter how old you are these games can still be fun. If
you’re the type of person who thinks he’s too cool to play childhood games, get over yourself this is skateboarding, you’re riding round a plank of wood with wheels. Lighten up and have some fun. Be as creative as you want with these suggestions, play them once, play them a hundred times, make a
league to a championship, do whatever you want. Just go out, skate and have fun.

Tag, it, Tiggy, take, chase, or among many other names this game is called. There’s a couple of ways this game can be played, but are all a variation on the same theme of one person being “it”, the person who is it will then have to the other players and tag (touch) then one of three things can happen depending on the rules you’re playing in the person who was tagged is out of the game this then continues until only one person is left who is this then the winner.
The second version is where the person who’s tagged is now the person who is it with this being repeated until everyone is too tired to keep playing. And finally, where the person tagged will join the person who is it and also
being it until only one person is left who is then the winner. Obviously, there is a lot more variations on this game and different rules but I’m going to keep it simple in my explanation. You can add/take out any elements you want. For instance, you can play just in the street, you can played in a section of the skate park or use the whole skate park. Just a quick addition to this if you are playing it in a skate park I’d only recommend doing this and there is no other users in the skate park, as you will end up annoying a lot of people and someone will end up getting hurt, but if you’re the park with nobody else there, use the whole park and have fun.

Count the pumps.
This is nothing to do with farts, don’t worry. Pumping is a term used to getting speed on ramp. This one is more aimed at total beginners, i.e. those who are just learning to go up and down the ramp. It’s a great game to challenge them though. This game is really simple, all you need to do is find a mini ramp or any two ramps that face each other, then go backwards and forwards and see how many times you can hit each ramp without putting your foot down. This can be played individually or against your friends.

Obstacle course.
This one can be great for anybody as it can be made as simple or as difficult as needed. Depending on whose racing, all you need is a place to skate and a load of random things you can put in the way
things to go under, things to go round, things to go through, things to go over. The only limit on this one is gonna be your own imagination. Go out, get creative and get weird. You can do it just for the fun of it or turn it into a race.

One push.
Another great one for total beginners. All you need is your skateboard and somewhere to skate. The aim of this is you have a start line, from that start line you’re allowed one push then see how far you end up. Then either try beating yourself or get a friend to try beat you, you can step this game up by changing the amount of pushes your allowed for example see how far you can get in five pushes, see how far you can get in a 10 seconds, or add a couple of variations together to make up your own game.

Simon says.
Another simple childhood party game that you can mix up by just making it about skateboarding, I’m not going to talk about how to play this game as most of you already know how to play it, if not just Google how to play Simon says, then make every action to do with skateboards.

Last man standing.
This game is one of my favourites. With this game the more people playing the better. The aim is quite simple mark out an area. It can be on flat or in a bowl (my personal favourite). Everybody must stay inside that area. You’re not allowed to push. Once you put a foot on the floor, you’re out of the
game. The last person who hasn’t touched the floor wins. This game can be as physical as you like, i.e. pushing, pulling, scaring; anything it takes to get the other person off the board. Obviously, a line needs to be drawn as you don’t want people getting punched or choke slammed. For example, if
you’re playing just on flat, pushing would be okay but if you’re playing in a bowl where people doing tricks while in the game, you don’t want any contact then.

This one is going around online at the moment. It’s a really simple game. One person does a trick, the next person then has to do that trick and add another trick after it, then the next person does the previous tricks and again adds another trick and so on. This game can start off easy the further it goes on the crazier it gets. If you want any examples of how crazy this game can get just search #addatrick on Instagram.

This game has been wrote about extensively, so I’m not going to re-explain it all. so click here to go to the Wikipedia link.

Have a race.
Exactly what it sounds like, get from one place to another quicker than the other person. It can be on flat, down the hill or even across a skate park. For a slight variation on this do it as a relay race, or you can even do it as a time trial.


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