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6 of Skateboarding’s Most Memorable Competition Runs

Hi guys Ed here again this week I’ll be going looking at some of the most memorable runs done in a competition, don’t worry this isn’t just going to full of Nyjah Huston runs from street league, hopefully, there will be some from pros you’re not familiar or competitions you’ve never heard of;

First up we’re going back to the 80s with,

Jeff Grosso Savannah Slamma 1988

While not the most amazing technical run it is just pure fun. you might be wondering what the hell he’s actually doing, well his entire run is a response to how everybody else was skating the practice for the comp, as people like Christian Hosoi spent the whole day showboating, showing off to the crowd and overly styling out their tricks and landings so Grosso decided to use his run to mock them, despite not falling off his board placed dead last.

Rodney Mullen Munster 1990

I couldn’t not put the godfather of street skating in this list pretty much any of this runs would be worthy of this list he won most comps that he entered, the guy is a wizard on a board, this was the last freestyle competition that he entered not because he didn’t have the skill more because freestyle died, if you’re interested in starting freestyle the scene is starting to grow again (there used to be seven of them now there’s ten) with people like @anthonysimmskate who you may have seen on our youtube channel, if you haven’t been on our youtube channel go check it out.

Bob Burnquist & Bucky Lasek – Vert Doubles x-games

Once upon a time long before street league the x games were the biggest skate competition, (its where the 900 was first landed) and they had a doubles competition this was always one of my favourite events, and me and my friends would spend hours in the street trying to do doubles tricks and weird board transfers in an attempt to mimic some of their tricks (attempt being the key word) I won’t go into to much detail about what happens in this run as ill just be repeating what the commentators are saying.

Pedro Barros Vans Pool Party 2016

I could have chosen any run from Pedro, the guy is a machine in a bowl, I went for his winning run at the pool party as it’s a legendary bowl, with a load of history, he makes it look easy to skate despite the sheer size of it, Pedro manages to get so much height in the combi, huge ally-oops, a front blunt on the peninsula that has more vert than transition all with more speed than a dealer at a rave.

Tom Penny Radlands 1995

I’ve mentioned Tom penny in a previous article, I’ve included him in this one as well for good reason, the man is a legend of British skateboarding, no matter what he skates it’s always a joy to watch, I genuinely believe he has one of the best styles in skateboarding, he just effortlessly floats over any obstacle that he comes across and his runs at the sadly long gone Radlands park were always a pleasure to watch.

Chris Joslin Street League

Street league always has amazing skating in it, the level these guys are at is unreal, I decided to go for Chris Joslin mainly from that gap to back lip in the middle of his run, big risk tricks in the middle of runs always go down well in my books.

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