Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses: Product Review

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses: Product Review

So, the sun is shining, you need some sunnies but you also need something which will hold up to the rigours of an active lifestyle without scratching or breaking. If that’s what you need then the Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses are for you.

The ultra-compact Vans Spicoli 4 sunglasses are made from 100% polycarbonate, both lenses and frame, this makes them super durable and scratch resistant. If you are not sure what polycarbonate is, it’s the same material they make aircraft windscreens from so you know it’s pretty damn tough!

However, it’s not all about performance and the Vans Spicoli 4 have style in abundance too! The wayfarer style and the many different colour options mean that they will look just as stylish on the beach or skate park as they do out for a stylish lunch or as part of a more ‘dressed’ look.

There is one more thing that makes the Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses so special is the price! Retailing at between £14.99 and £17.99 means they are cheap enough so you don’t really have to worry even if you do hammer them!

If you are unsure as to whether these sunglasses will suit then why not check out our guide on deciding which sunglasses suit you and why different styles suit different face shapes: Which Sunglasses Suit Me? A guide to Getting it Right

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses

If you would like to know more check out our product review video below. If you have any questions or comments pop them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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