Vans Champan Stripe Skate Shoes

Vans Chapman Stripe Skate Shoes: Product Review

Vans Chapman Skate Shoes: Product Review

What can we say about the Vans Chapman Stripe Skate Shoes that you don’t already know? The Chapman is the classic Vans skate shoe with a look which has become a timeless style which is recognisable as a look yet is subtle enough to be paired with almost any outfit whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt or a well-tailored suit. The white Vans ‘Jazz Stripe’ is almost as potent a style cue as the Nike tick or the Adidas 3 stripes.

Vans Chapman Skate Shoes and the Waffle Sole

The waffle sole is an often overlooked technical triumph by Vans. Although at first glance it’s a very simple design the waffle sole was adopted very quickly by skaters like the Z-Boys in the early days of skating due to its amazing grip, durability and great value for money, it’s been a staple for skaters across the world ever since. The modern waffle grip is a slight evolution on the original with a ‘double waffle’ star pattern under the ball of your foot for increased traction when turning. It’s this subtle yet striking design which makes Vans shoes and the Vans Chapman Stripe, in particular, such a great, useable shoe.

Vans Chapman Skate Shoes a Classic Look and Modern Shoe

Although the Vans Chapman Stripe style has been around forever it certainly doesn’t look dated or out of style in any way. The reason for this is the style and design have essentially been the template used by all other ‘skate shoe/street wear‘ brands to develop their ranges. So how can you look dated when you are the basis for all shoes which have followed? Some have departed more than others but if you look at any skate shoe and compare it to the Chapman Stripe you can see where they have ripped off the look.

So there we are, the Vans Chapman Stripe is an absolute classic and should be a part of everyone’s shoe collection.

For more information check out the video below or give us a shout in the comments. We are always interested in learning more.


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