Vans Atwood Product Review: Vegan-Friendly Shoes

Vans Atwood Product Review: Vegan-Friendly Skate Shoes

Vans Atwood Product Review: Vegan-Friendly Skate Shoes

Welcome to our latest product review of the Vans Atwood vegan-friendly skate shoes which not only performs superbly as all vans skate shoes do but are also the perfect shoes for you if you are Vegan or like to avoid wearing animal products.

The classic Vans Atwood style is a great skate shoe and always has been. The waffle style sole gives superb grip when needed, whether that’s on a board or just cruising around on foot. Combined with the canvas upper with metal eyelets mean they are light and comfortable as well as being durable.

Anyway, enough from me or you will have nothing to watch. Enjoy the video below.

For more information see the links below the video.

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