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Top Tips For a Great Picnic: How to do it in a way that is different, healthy and more fun!

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Summer means warm days and late evening, making it perfect picnic time! There are few things that scream summer more than eating outside, especially with a bunch of friends and a nice checkered blanket! The hard part can often be finding the snacks and drinks that travel well, so we have done the hard work for you! Celebrate summer with these great (and healthy!) recipes.


For me no picnic is complete without hummus! There are plenty of great supermarket options, or if you want to try and make your own, this is a great recipe! I often make my own, and a great tip (from my Lebanese grandmother) is to roast the garlic. It makes all the difference! You can also blend in some herbs or sumac. Serve it with some pita breads or just some carrot/cucumber sticks.


A frittata is a great option for a picnic, it is also a fantastic way to use any leftover vegetables or even grains you have lying around. My favourite combination is roasted sweet potato, sundried tomato and feta! I always bake frittatas, I find it much easier and there is no risk of anything getting stuck to the pan! This is a great recipe.

A Seasonal Salad

A refreshing salad made from seasonal veggies is always a great addition to any picnic. Try this cucumber avocado caprese salad, it will fill you up and provide a healthy dose of veggies. Make sure you have some good Tupperware, alternatively I like to use mason jars to transport salads (they look pretty too!).  It is always best to keep the dressing separate, I tend to use a little jar, it’s also a great way to mix it all up.

Picnic Skewers

One of the hardest parts of making picnic friendly food can be finding dishes that are easy to eat! Skewers resolve this issue!! A simple caprese stick is always a winner, or change things up a bit and make some watermelon feta skewers! Make sure to get some reusable skewers. If cheese isn’t your thing why not try some melon and prosciutto skewers!

Avocado Boats

Sandwiches are great but can be so boring! Change things up a bit at your next picnic and make avocado boats instead!! Stuff them with whatever you like! There are some great ideas here, and some vegetarian options too. However, if you can’t face the thought of a picnic without a sandwich, try out these egg salad sandwiches.

Something Sweet

Fruit skewers are always a winner! These cheesecake stuffed strawberries are also a winning formula!! For picnic purposes it is a lot easier to make the cheesecake stuffing and bring it in a separate jar. For some healthy cookies that are super easy to make check these out!

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!!

Don’t forget to bring your Mizu refillable bottle. For something different try this mint and mango iced tea! Another great summer favourite is this watermelon lemonade.

Take care that your picnic doesn’t end up being a mess. Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a quick and easy list to help you minimize waste!

  • Use Mason Jars (or recycled jam jars) for everything. They can store drinks, sauces, salads and more, and can even be used as glasses. Plus I do love the look of a layered salad in a Mason Jar.
  • Eat with your hands whenever possible. Bring little pitta breads, or vegetables to scoop things up with.
  • Avoid using singe use plastic – bring forks and knives from home!
  • Be sure you recycle all bottles, cans and paper you use.
  • take everything with you in re-usable canvas bags – avoid plastic ones!
  • Finally, Clean everything up after your picnic

The only thing left to do now is dust off the blankets, grab the picnic basket and wait for a sunny day!




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