Surfboard Repair

Surfboard Repair: At home. On an Ironing Board!

Surfboard Repair: At home. On an Ironing Board!

So, it’s mid-summer and you have dinged your board. You would like to get it in for a repair but everywhere is really busy. Well, it’s time to get your scruffy ‘work clothes’ out and do it yourself! With our step by step guide video, you can do your surfboard repair at home with very little fuss, using an ironing board as a stand if you want too! It doesn’t get more ghetto than that.

Our Vlogger / Blogger Will from Durham Uni Surf Club shows you what products to use, how to use them and how to make sure your repair is tip-top, the step by step guide means you can literally follow the steps without any previous experience and still get an awesome repair.

So why not go for it, learn a new skill, and impress everyone around you with your new board repair skills!

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