Summer Style Guide 2018

Summer Style Guide 2018: 15 Essential Summer Pieces Worth Buying

Summer Style Guide 2018: 15 Essential Summer Pieces Worth Buying

Let’s face it, stocking up on a new season’s wardrobe isn’t exactly the top of most men’s priority list. In fact, I’d put it up there with getting your nostril hairs individually tweezered out on my list of fun things to do. We’d all rather just be out riding right? Well, our Summer Style Guide 2018 hopes to take the pain away.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you (the careful planning bit, not the nose tweezering) by compiling a list of 15 of the best buys no man should be without this summer. Limber up those fingers and get ready to click ‘add to basket’.

Printed Swim Shorts

It goes without saying that swim shorts are essential holiday gear, but just because they’re only cracked out a few times a year doesn’t mean they need to be an afterthought. This season, the best examples go after just that.

Of course, there will always be a place in the male wardrobe for a proper pair of boardies, but if ever there’s a time for a wild print, it’s on the beach.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Retro Running Sneakers

If you like a bit of ‘old school’ in your wardrobe you will be pleased to know that retro trainers are more in this year. Which to me means 80’s New York Hip Hop style.

While we can’t imagine skate shoes and Vans etc ever going out of style, running-style sneakers are picking up pace, offering a low-commitment way to tap into the retro trend.

Summer Style Guide 2018


Nothing else offers an instant upgrade quite like a pair of sunglasses. Better yet, high UV protection (and high style) doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

Providing they carry the CE mark (a European standard of UV protection), it’s simply a style choice from there. If you want to find out what sunnies suit your face shape click: HERE

Summer Style Guide 2018

Duffle Bag

I suppose you could get a leather monogrammed bag, but erm . . . well, ye. Opt for a sporty duffle bag instead and save yourself some cash for the bar.

Simple block colours can flit from nine-to-five to a weekend away, all without looking like a Kardashian abroad.

Summer Style Guide 2018


Smart-casual can be a headache to decode, and that’s before you’ve factored in the soaring mercury.

A pair of Hey Dude shoes, paired with lightweight jeans, is the ultimate in-between, letting ankles breathe but still sitting pretty on the smarter end of the spectrum. On top of that, the memory foam soles make them super comfy.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Woven Belts

Of all the summer style mistakes you could make, inflicting a sub-par belt on your hard-won waistline is up there with the worst.

A woven option is not only better suited to warmer weather but also serves as a subtle way to introduce texture to any summer look.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Logo T-Shirt

Printed T-shirts are a summer tradition older than warm cans of beer and a poorly-advised hot dog. Yet many guys still get it wrong.

This season, ditch the floral get-up for a statement of a different kind. A logo tee is a failsafe way to level-up your basics and tap into the ubiquitous streetwear trend.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Hoodies and Crew Necks

Summer and winter wardrobes aren’t mutually exclusive. Fortunately, for cooler evenings, it’s possible to repurpose your winter-friendly threads.

No man’s wardrobe is complete without a comfortable hoodie, and crew necks look so cool they are also a staple. So make sure you are well stocked and you have a staple which will last.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Chino Shorts

Temperatures north of 28 degrees celsius render trousers impractical, but looking smart with your legs bared is not easy.

Opt for chino shorts. Cool, versatile and lightweight, the Oxbridge cut-offs retain a tailored sizzle without the scorch.

Summer Style Guide 2018


A pair of sleek leather sandals is a solid choice for the city or the beach, their versatility means you can happily pair them with trousers or jeans as easily as you would with shorts.

Seek out pared-back options in dark leather (preferably black, navy or brown), which will help effortlessly add some luxury to any summer ensemble, no matter the price tag.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Invisible Socks

The only thing that should be rising when going sockless is your style points, not emanations from your sweaty shoes!

Going sockless doesn’t mean actually not wearing socks! It means investing in a pair of invisible socks to give the illusion.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Washed Cotton Cap

An almost effortless way to top off weekend looks; the baseball cap has been a mainstay for sportsmen and streetwear fans alike.

Seek out soft, malleable materials like washed cotton for a fuss-free, contemporary accessory that will wear and lighten in the sun over time.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Activewear Watch Straps

Natural fibre, rubber or ‘velcro’ watch straps are the perfect summer choice for your watch: lighter than steel, and quick-drying in the sun. More importantly, you are more likely to still have your watch when getting out of the pool or off your surfboard.

Which means you can still clock a stylish timepiece without the irritation of metal stains on your wrist.

Summer Style Guide 2018

Lighter Weight Denim Jeans

When it comes to denim for summer, we have one thing to say: lighten up. And that doesn’t just refer to the wash. Consider the weight and thickness of your jeans and you can avoid the discomfort of chaffed thighs.

You can always add some on trend ‘cuts’ for ventilation but . . . . . . well!

Summer Style Guide 2018


Once the pariah of the poolside, now a bona fide trend both at home and abroad — there’s no getting away from sliders. I’m also genuinely shocked that people go out in sliders and socks but they do! Check out our Stance range for matching pairs.

Summer Style Guide 2018

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