Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Stocking Fillers for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

We all know buying for people (let’s face it, mostly blokes) who spend all their spare time riding around, jumping off things and basically spending their time taking completely unnecessary risks in the name of fun can be an absolute nightmare. Unless you can not only work out what they need or would want for their chosen sport but also the language specific to each sport which will actually help you identify what it is, you still have to work out which brands are suitable, is it the ‘right one’ without any idea of what you are looking for. This guide should help you find the perfect stocking fillers without all the stress of working out what to get.

If that sounds like you this Christmas then don’t worry. Sit back, relax and check out our guide to stocking fillers that we can guarantee will be received well.

T-Shirts You Can’t Go Wrong With

You literally can’t buy enough t-shirts for anyone into extreme sports the trick is, however, making sure you don’t buy the wrong brand for the wrong sport. What you need to look for is one of the few brands (Often old-school originals) that transcend the different sports and are ‘cool’ no matter whether you skate, surf or go snowboarding.

There are a few brands which fit this profile, the biggest of which is Vans, an old school skate brand famed for its skate shoes and ‘Off the Wall’ advertising. Simply, it doesn’t matter what sport they do Vans always fits. You could say that about a few other brands too, Dickies (The workwear brand) has become such a stylish yet durable brand it’s used by people who do a number of extreme sports because it’s so well made. Animal and Fox are also brands which transcend sports so are perfect for gifts because they have been around for so long and are so well respected.

Vans T-Shirts

Dickies T-Shirts

Animal T-Shirts

Fox T-Shirts

Undies, a Christmas Staple

When it comes to undies for people who like extreme sports their are two main thoughts which go through their heads. 1. do they need to be a good ‘tech’ set of undies to help me perform better/ perform in more comfort. 2. Are they going to be seen under my sagging pants! The 2nd may seem like a frivolous consideration but trust me, they are thinking about it! It may seem like an impossibility to find a suitable set of tech pants but it’s not really, we need them to do the same things, look after our gentlemen. When it comes to more ‘fashion’ orientated pants then one rule tops everything else, how loud can I get them, so go for it!

We have three brands which show this more than any others Stance, Bawbags and Saxx.

Tech Undies

Wild Undies!

Socks, a Stocking Essential!

Let’s face it we don’t really need to go through socks now do we? Everyone knows how they are an essential part of every bloke’s Christmas, we wouldn’t have any socks otherwise! So I’ll just go straight into it and show you a selection of cool socks from brands like Stance and Happy Socks.

Socking Filler Socks

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Beanie.

I’m sure you’ve seen your ‘intended target’ wearing a beanie before, in fact, I’ll go so far as to say you’ve probably seen them in one of a number of beanies they have on many more than one occasion. Beanies are a staple of extreme sports fans no matter what they do and you really can’t go wrong. The trick is to think about the style that you’ve seen them in before and look for something similar.


You Can’t Go Wrong with a Cap

Caps are a bit like t-shirts, although people are quite particular about the brands they choose, there are a number of brands which transition all sports and are perfect for a Christmas Gift such as brands like 47 Brand, Vans, Converse, New Era, DC and Oakley.

Caps for Prezzies

So there we go. A series of ‘can’t fail’ products that any extreme sports fan would love to have in their wardrobe. You don’t have to buy them technical kit but a cool bit of clothing will go a long way.

Happy Christmas Everyone.

Ian Hughes

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