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Osiris Convoy Boot: Product review

Osiris Convoy Boot: Product review

So winter is on its way and you need to start breaking out your warm, comfortable and weather resistant clothing so you don’t freeze to death everytime you leave the house. However, you don’t want to give up that warm comfortable feeling a good skate shoe gives you. Well, the Osiris Convoy Boot is the perfect compromise. It gives you all the sturdy weather resistance and grip of a traditional winter boot but retains all that comfortable padding, abrasion resistance and shape of a traditional skate shoe. All wrapped up in a very cool package.

Osiris Convoy Boot and its Skate Shoe Tech

The Osiris Convoy Boot is built to feel like a skate shoe when worn. With the big padded tongue and collar as well as the reinforcement and well padded sole this boot has a very different feel to most winter boots. It is comfortable in a way that most aren’t and very much just feels like a high-top skate shoe. It’s this what makes the Convoy stand out over lots of similar looking boots.

Osiris Convoy Boot and it’s ‘Traditional’ Walking Boot Sole

The combination of a skate shoe style upper and the ‘traditional’ walking boot sole is a simple yet very innovative way to produce an awesome boot which can handle everything that winter has to throw at them. The sole on the Convoy is very similar to something you would see on the shelf in an outdoors store, the big chunky grip and very hardwearing rubber means it can easily handle the worst of those winter days. The lacing system is also very reminiscent of traditional walking boots making sure that they stay put without causing pressure points or allowing the boot to slip.

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