Osiris Clone Shoes - Blue / Knit

Osiris Clone Shoes Product Review

Osiris Clone Shoes Product Review

Here at Urban Surfer, we love Osiris and that definitely extends to the Osiris Clone Shoes in Blue/Knit. These skate shoes are a little bit special, even amongst the rest of the Osiris Clone range and it’s because of the superb textured knit material they use. However, let’s go through some of the other great features before we talk about the styling.

Osiris Clone Shoes Skate Tech

When it comes to a good skate shoe, especially a high-top skate shoes we have to start with the tongue and collar. A very well padded collar and tongue are an absolute essential, especially if you are a fan of flip and shove-it tricks. There is nothing worse than a bit of board on ankle bone action. The Osiris Clone has you covered, literally. The padded ankle and tongue are designed to give you great protection without adding too much bulk to the shoe. It’s so well done it makes for an amazing shoe.

Osiris Clone Shoes The Sole!

Any great skate shoe needs to have sole! Great grip and durability are key to ensure it performs when needed. The Osiris Clone Shoe is no exception. The ‘wave pattern’ sole mixing a softer ‘grippy’ sole melded with the more hard wearing toe and heel sections gives the performance needed while being durable enough to last.

Osiris Clone Shoes and that Weave

By far the best feature of these Osiris Clone Shoes has to be the material ‘knit’ used. The look it creates is something genuinely unique and quite difficult to articulate in words so I guess you are better off just checking out the video. However, the two-tone blue really stands out and the texture created by the ‘knit’ gives these skate shoes a really cool look.

For more information check out our video or go to the product pages below.

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