New Balance 617 Skate Shoes - Grey / Gum

New Balance 617 Product Review

New Balance 617 Product Review

New Balance is a new brand for Urban Surfer, added to our range because of the streetwear retro style and also because they are a great skate shoe. The 617 Skate Shoe is a great example of that balance between streetwear style and functional shoes. If you are looking for a lightweight skate shoe with very cool retro styling then these are a great option. The 617 offers a lightweight fit that’s designed to offer superior board feel thanks to a breathable suede/mesh upper and vulcanised outsole.

New Balance 617 is it a Proper Skate Shoe?

Absolutely! You just need to look at the technology incorporated into these shoes. The main feature ‘performance wise’ is the NDurance sole made from vulcanised rubber and designed for maximum durability for high wear situations. This means that you are going to get the grip you need without blowing through your sneakers every time you have a session.

New Balance 617 Light & Cool

One of the most interesting things about these retro-chic skate shoes is the incorporation of modern trainer tech into the shoe without it affecting the overall look. The breathable suede/ mesh upper on the New Balance 617 creates a very lightweight construction and stops your feet from overheating during exercise. This is tech is taken directly from the NB running range so is a very advanced set up for a skate shoe.

New Balance 617 Retro Look

It only takes one look at these shoes to see where their style originates. As part of the Court Classics range, you can see those late 70’s early 80’s tennis shoe style cues throughout. A style very much adopted by early skaters for their durability and cool look, before we had dedicated skate shoe brands. So if you would like to look like you are going back to skating’s roots but maintain the modern tech of a new shoe then the 617 is a perfect style fit.

For more information check out the product review video below or go to the product page below that.

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