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Hi guys,

So after what felt like a lifetime of planning, The Great British Skate Off finally rolled round (no pun intended). Saturday saw the best skateboarders of the north east take part in the biggest skateboarding competition we’ve ever had up here. We had loads of prizes up for grabs as well as £100 for 1st place winners in the adults competitions!

The day started with the two kids comps; honestly, I was shocked at how talented these kids were.

There were two competitions, the first competition was a streetstyle comp and the second a ramp comp.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place for both competitions were given bags full of prizes, as well as an extra bag for the overall winner.

Special shout out to Ivo who not only was our overall winner but also did a really impressive drop in during the second competition (video on our Instagram).

The Winners

After the kids winners were all announced we headed outside for a barbecue lunch; we all tucked in to some burgers and send Ian to go get us some milkshakes from McDonald’s. After lunch the guys competing in the adults competition made their way into the park and had a bit of a casual skate while we waited for the main event. Ian and Keiran also had a go at skateboarding which was a good laugh (footage on our Instagram)


So, the first event in the adult competition was Streetstyle the second was a bowl competition and the third was a game of skate.

After both the kids and adults events we had a product toss (this turned into a product grab-from-box with the adults) which was really fun from our side as well (Keiran fulfilled his dream of making it rain…with stickers)

We also have a video with some really cool clips from the event:

We had a great day out and it was really awesome to see how great skaterboarders in the north east really are!

Thank you to everyone who took part. Thank you to Dynamix, especially Rayleigh, Ed & Kettle. And a special thank you to the brands who helped provide the prizes: Stance,Bawbags, DVS, DC,Etnies, New Era, 47 Brand, New Balance & Fox.

Social Co. also filmed the whole event, so expect to see a really awesome video from them soon!


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