Common beginner skate questions

Common Beginner Skate Questions

So here’s this month’s blog post and as you’ve probably guessed by the title its common beginner skate questions, pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t really need an introduction, what I will say is this is aimed at those new to skateboarding, so beginners, kids and parents/partners of those who are new to it. So let’s get straight into it…

What skateboard should I buy?

As you may have seen already, there’s a huge choice of size, shapes, styles and price of skateboard, I could go into huge depth on this one but in an effort to fit more questions I’ll give a very quick overview. A few general rules are; buy within your budget; get roughly the right size for the skating you want to do, pick what you feel will be good for you.

So first let’s address size and style:

length: The two main lengths you’re going to come across with a standard shaped deck (popsicle shape) is around 29 and around 32 inches the rule for this is if you’re a young kid around 8 and under you’ll want a 29”deck if your older you’ll want a 32” I’ve seen kids ride a 32” deck fine and I’ve seen adults on a 29” (check out Ant Simms video)

  • The width of the deck will vary from around 7” to around 9”
    • Young kids are going to want to stay between 7” and 7.5”
    • For the rest of you if you’re wanting to do more tech tricks such as kickflips and other flip tricks then you’re going to want to go between 7.5” and 8.25”
    • If you want to mainly carve bowls you’ll want to get something between 8.25 to 10” (10” is a really wide boards think 80s style)
    • If you just want to cruise along the beach any size will do you, just pick what you like the look of
  • Truck size:  simple on really get the size that matches the width of your deck.
  • wheel size: if you’re doing more street style skating (flips, ledges rails, stairs) you’re going to be looking between 50mm and 56mm if its skate parks you’ll be looking 56mm to 62mm just cruising around town pretty much any size will do but id recommend around 58mm to 65mm
  • Wheel Durometer: the durometer is how soft the wheel is most wheels for skate parks and street will be around 97a to 101a,  97 being softer than 101
    • If you’re just cruising then you’ll want a bit softer between 80a to 90a
Beginner Skate Questions

How much should I spend?

As a general rule the more you spend the better quality you’re going to get. You can buy a pre-assembled board (a complete) ranging from a couple of pounds to a couple of hundred. kids can stay at the bottom end of the price range, which if your wanting to be able to move or turn your going to have to spend at least £30 (brands to look at: voltage, enuff, renner, tricks)  for older teenagers you’re going to want to spend at least £50 (brands to look at: enuff, birdhouse, blind, element, globe, renner) if you’re on the heavier side I’d recommend paying a bit more from around £80 (brands to look at: krooked, real, birdhouse, santa cruz, creature, almost)

Beginner Skate Questions

Am I too old/young?

This is a real easy one, no you’re not, here’s video evidence to prove my point and hopefully inspire you to get out and skate.

If you’re a parent reading this and think it’s just for your kid, trust me, get one for yourself and go skate, I’ve taught skateboarding for 10+ years now and the kids who skate with their parents seem to have so much more fun, just think how many activities you did when you were a kid, be it trampolining or jogging, how much cooler would you have thought your parents if they came and did it with you, you’ll have fun as well as it being great exercise so stop making excuses!

If you think your too old, your wrong you don’t stop learning until you die so keep your brain and body active by learning to skate, here’s your video evidence to get you riding,

Beginner Skate Questions

What style of skating should I do?

You might be trying to figure out what style of skating you want to do and which is going to be better, do you want to skate street, park, bowl, just cruise around, my advice would be to do them all but that might not have enough time to do that, in that case just do what you want, go have fun.

Beginner Skate Questions

What tricks should I learn?

The simple answer is whatever you want to learn, a more realistic answer is whatever you can, the main thing to remember is to just have fun push yourself at whatever level your comfortable with you could have been skating six months and know over seventy tricks or could have been skating for two years and all you can do is go up and down the street, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having enjoying yourself that’s all that matters; skate for yourself not anybody else.

I hope that clears some stuff up for you, now put your phone down, close your laptop, and get out and skate! (For yourself not because I told you to)


Beginner Skate Questions

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