Top 5 Back to School Tips

Top 5 Back to School Tips: How To Minimise Your Stress

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Back to school was always a tough time for me, anxiety was high and I DID NOT want to go back. I wouldn’t sleep the night before and I’d feel sick in the car on the way there. This, unfortunately, carried on into college and uni. My family often tried to help me feel less anxious with advice on going back, but I ignored them thinking anything they said wouldn’t actually help. Annoyingly, it would have.

So, knowing how crappy first days can be, i made a list of tips that WILL help. Assuming you actually follow them.

1. Get everything together the night before

Back to school image incl. Dakine Hanalei backpack

Pack your bag, make sure you have all your stationery in your new pencil case, and put some paper in there just in case. Make sure you have a snack for break time or some change to buy something.

Getting everything together the night before will prevent stress in the morning and even give you an extra 10 minutes in bed. Waking up groggy on a monday morning is just asking for problems and you’ll inevitably forget something. So make life easier by sorting everything out the night before.

Other things you may need: Keys, bus pass, iPod, water bottle, calculator, chargers, trainers for break

2. Routine

Alarm clock

You’ll have had at least 6 weeks off and you’ve probably spent a lot of that staying up late and sleeping in. Do yourself a favour and spend the week before you go back getting into a good sleeping routine. Go to bed a bit earlier every night and get up a bit earlier every day and you’ll find it a lot easier than suddenly having to get up at 7am instead of your usual 11.

Committing to this is the hard bit, it’s easy to go “Nah, I’d rather have an extra week of sleeping in, I’ll just deal with it on Monday” but you’ll regret it when your alarm goes off on Monday morning and you can’t even keep your eyes open.

Waking up half an hour earlier each day for a week will help – a lot.


3. Breakfast


I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this one because i never ate breakfast at school, but as an adult I realise how important it actually is.

You need the energy on a morning to keep you going (you haven’t eaten in probably 12 hours!). Also, don’t be thinking skipping breakfast will help you lose weight. Not eating on a morning will make your body think it needs to conserve every rather than use it AND it can lead to overeating later in the day.

Having breakfast will keep you going through that first period maths and stop your stomach from making horrendous noises before you get to lunch.

I’m not telling you to make a fry up every day; grabbing a banana on the way out is better than nothing!


4. Everyone is nervous

If you’re worried about starting secondary school, college, or uni, just remember this – so is everyone else. I can guarantee everyone else will also be nervous and, because of that, they’ll be too busy focusing on worrying about themselves to care about you being noticeably anxious.

If you’re scared you won’t make friends then find someone who looks lonely and talk to them! They’re probably worried about the same thing and they’ll be happy someone else made the first move. If you’re worried about looking stupid (for whatever reason), so is everyone else! Chances are no one will notice, but if they do, just laugh at yourself!

Just remember, you’re all in the same boat.

5. Keep on top of work

StudyThis one is the definition of “easier said t

han done”. Do all your homework on time, go over your notes, revise as you go. These steps will make your life 500x easier. But, it’s hard. I’ve put this in this list because you’ll need to enforce this rule at the beginning of term (and stick to it!). If you do, exam season will be so much less painful.

Do this one for future you. It’ll be hard at first but once you get into the routine you’ll be glad you did. (If anyone actually manages this one please message me, because I’ve never been able to do it for longer than a week!)

So there we go, my top 5 tips for going back to school. I hope these help, even if just a little bit! Good luck, you’ll be fine 🙂 <3


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