Urban Surfer AW18 Shoot

The Urban Surfer AW18 Headwear Photoshoot: Exhibition Park, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

The Urban Surfer AW18 Headwear Photoshoot

Hey everyone. As this is the first day back at my desk I thought I’d put together a little blog about our AW18 Headwear Photoshoot because it was such a fun day up at Exhibition Park in Newcastle.

We all met up at around midday ready for the shoot. Myself, Josh the photographer (Insta: @j_summers_photography), our ‘behind the scenes guru’ Chris (Insta: @manlikechrisgray) and our 3 awesome models @tyynnee, @keslandi and @NATONorthEast and headed over to the park.

AW18 Headwear Photoshoot

Post Industrial Fun

I always like that post-industrial look and think it fits very well with our brand so we started at the skate park. The stunning colours of all the graffiti combined with the clean lines created by the various features of the park and the big deep bowl gave us a great backdrop for the shoot.

AW18 Headwear Photoshoot

Big Props

I can’t say a big enough thank you to all the crew and models who turned up to help out. The day was awesome, it’s so much fun to work with people who are so creative, and especially since I love the North East I think there is a huge amount of untapped potential up here which doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. However, as someone much wiser than me once told me, every problem is an opportunity. So, therefore, we here at Urban are going to take that opportunity to show off just what we have going on in the North East. Hopefully, you will all enjoy it.

AW18 Headwear Photoshoot

Check Out NATO North East

And speaking of unpromoted potential I think you should all head over to SoundCloud and check out @NATONorthEast ad his awesome tunes here: N A T O northeast (I’d definitely recommend Follow Trendz and The Realness).

Anyway, Enough waffle; here is a sneak preview of some of the shots we got from the day. You will see plenty of them around over the next few months but we thought we’d set up a gallery so you can see a chunk of them all in one go. However, just before we go, if you like anything you see don’t forget you can buy it all HERE at Urban Surfer.

AW18 Headwear Photoshoot


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