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Autumn Style Guide 2018

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I don’t know about you but I’m really excited for Autumn. Hoodies, jumpers, hot drinks, earthy tones, Halloween! It’s all great (and it’s almost Christmas! Okay not quite but i’m a big Christmas fan so I start early.)

For those of you that need a bit of help in the fashion department, here’s my list of items necessary for every wardrobe this autumn… 


First things first: hoodies. Hoodies are the most important thing in an autumn wardrobe (in my opinion). They’re comfy, casual, and they work when it’s cold, but not cold enough for a coat. They’re perfect.

Here’s my picks. The first one isn’t actually a hoodie, but a crew neck is just a hoodie without a hood, right? The Fox fleece in midnight is warm, cool looking and a nice deep blue colour. The print down the arms are a nice touch and make it a bit more interesting than your regular crew neck. The Vans and New Era hoodies are both staple pieces that will go with anything and be in style forever.

Yes, you could just wear the same hoodies you’ve been wearing all year but why would you could get an awesome new one?

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Short Sleeved

Okay clearly this is necessary all year round but it needed to be included. Here’s some new cool pieces I picked out. 

I’ve gone with two staple pieces with the 47 brand and Nicce shirts. The Vans ones are particularly fitting for autumn though, coming in very season-appropriate burgundy and deep green shades.

Long Sleeved

Long-sleeve tees will be perfect for when it’s a bit more chilly, plus you can still throw a hoodie over the top. The Fox and Vans shirts are a sweatshirt-like thickness so are going to be much warmer than a standard tee.

The colour combination on the Fox shirt is really unique and I think it would be really awesome for fall. The Levi’s shirt is an awesome choice as it’s a great all-rounder; it could be worn super casually, dressed up, or for a night out.

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Does anyone actually wear anything other than jeans this time of the year? Apparently. So I’ve included a pair of shorts for those of you that have amazing cold-resistant knees (the socks in the next section will look great with these). For the rest of us though, I’ve chosen two pairs from Quiksilver and Wrangler.

The Quiksilver are the essential washed denim, regular cut jean that everybody needs. The Wrangler are a deep navy and are made of a stretch cotton meaning they’ll be super comfy for every day wear.

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Socks used to be just a necessary item but now they can 100% be a statement piece. How perfect are the Stance Firecracker socks for bonfire night?! If you’re the sort of person who makes sure their socks match the event then these are for you. 

The Stance Avi socks and Vans 3-pack are the most classically autumnal themed socks you’ll find, so are clearly a must have. My personal favourite are the Stance Bucks socks. First of all deer just look awesome, but they’re also this really cool earthy-blue colour (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing.) so are a change from the typical browns and reds while still being very autumn.  

View our entire socks collection here


Again, kind of always need these regardless of the season (or maybe you don’t, I wont judge.). So here are some awesome prints out at the minute. 

Nothing says autumn like plaid, so these Bawbags boxers in tartan are perfect (they’d also be great for Hogmanay). We also have some more autumnal colours (take a shot every time I’ve mentioned autumnal colours in this blog) with the Bawbags bawztech boxers. The Saxx Realtree are the most literally autumn thing you could find seeing as they actually have dead leaves on them, which sounds weird but they’re actually really cool.

And what says Thanksgiving season like the Stance rooster boxers?! A bit of a stretch? I don’t care, I amused myself.

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Beanies, or toques if you’re Canadian, are great because they look cool and obviously have the very useful ability to keep your head warm.

We’ve got 3 main styles of beanie: cuffed, slouch and bobble.


These are the most versatile of the beanie styles and, depending on what colour you go for, can go with any type of outfit. I’ve chosen some deeper-coloured and a grey but we have loads more options in our collection so please have a browse on Urban Surfer.


The slouch style is my personal favourite.

In my opinion, this style looks best sat slightly past the hairline, so you can still see some hair sticking out the front. The Vans bright yellow option is great for those of you who don’t mind drawing attention to yourself. The Wrangler oversize beanie is the best for anyone looking for a more simple and muted design. The Port Royale is the perfect in-between; still a nice pop of colour, but less of a statement than the yellow.


These are your cold weather staple that will become increasingly more common towards winter, as they’re the thickest and warmest option. Even though they’re the most “practical”, they’re also often the most bright and colourful. These are probably only appropriate for casual wear with a big warm coat, but if you think you can get away with it at work – go for it. Barts are my go-to for amazing quality beanies in gorgeous styles, but Animal have brought out some really great options this year too.

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Practical and stylish af. Obviously you could replace these with a good pair of shoes that you wear all year round; but to me autumn is the season of walking through a massive pile of leaves in a nice pair of boots (yes, I’m a big child).

I chose a black, light brown, and dark brown pair so there’s an option for any colour preference.

Throw out your old worn and tattered pairs and replace them with one of these from Levi’s or Animal.

Or, if you’re looking for a pair that are going to keep your feet 100% dry and toasty warm, Sorel are the way to go. These premium boots are waterproof and incredibly well insulated, while still looking great.

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Backpacks are another everyday essential, but are particularly useful in autumn for keeping scarves, gloves and extra layers (which are apparently gonna be necessary in the UK this year).

*insert something about autumn colours/earthy tones*

I’ve chosen casual, smart-casual, and outdoorsy options (in that order).These are all quality backpacks that will last; meaning you can use them this autumn, next autumn, the autumn after that, etc. Or, you could just use them all year round.

I personally don’t need an excuse to buy a new backpack, but if you do, the changing season is the perfect opportunity.

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So there you go, all you need to choose some new items for this autumn. We also have a bunch more styles and colours on our website if you want to have a browse around at urbansurfer.co.uk!

Thanks for reading! Have a look at some of our other blogs if you fancy!


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