The Ten Coolest Water Sports To Try This Summer!

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One of the best things about the summer is the opportunity to try out a whole load of new water-based sports! I was thrown in the water before I could stand up so always jump on any chance to try something new in the water! I am always looking for something new to do so I’ve put together a little list of some of the top water sports to try this summer! Let me know how you get on and if you have any suggestions to add, please comment!! See you on the water!!


Wakeboarding, or waveboarding as some of my family members like to refer to it, is the water equivalent of snowboarding. You can wakeboard behind a boat, or at a cable park. Like many adrenaline-fueled sports, it is super addictive, extremely fun and very challenging! There is a pretty big scene in the UK and some pretty serious talent out there too! Check out British Waterski and Wakeboard for more information on local clubs and how to get started! Click here for some tips on off the water training for wakeboarding!

Wake Surfing

Similar to wakeboarding in some ways, with several major differences. Wake surfing is a pretty new sport that has taken the world by storm! The biggest difference is the actual method. Wakeboarders are pulled behind the boat with a tow rope. To wake surf you only need to use the rope to get up out of the water. Once they are up and comfortable they can let go of the rope and surf hands free! This is a fantastic, super low impact sport, loved by people of all ages! I can’t encourage you more to give it a try!


Kitesurfing is very high up on my lists of sports to learn! This has got to be one of the coolest sports out there!! A mixture of surfing, flying a kite, wakeboarding, and a little gymnastics to top it all off, kite surfing is a beautiful sport to watch and an adrenalin rush to try. Be sure to check out Kite Surfing UK for tips on how to get started and to find your local club!


One of the more recent trends in extreme water sports! Flyboarding looks pretty crazy! The Flyboard (which has bindings like those on a wakeboard) attaches to a jet ski with a long hose. Water is then propelled through the tube and powers the Flyboard, lifting you up into the air.  Once you are up you can twist, turn, spin or even dolphin dive into the water! Don’t be fooled, it is actually quite a bit harder than it looks! It is an extremely fun and unique sport that feels almost like you are on a rollercoaster! Channel your inner James Bond and check out Flyboarding Experiences, they have six locations across the UK.

Jet Surfing

The first time I saw someone on a jet surf I thought I must have been seeing things!! A jet surf is a motorized surf board! It allows you to carve through the water without the need for either waves or a boat! The can reach pretty high speeds and look incredibly cool!! A number of companies across the UK offer jet surfing experiences.


The subwing is a new player in the game of towed water sports. The only skill required is to be comfortable in the water, making it very accessible. The Subwing takes adventurers below the water as they hold onto two wings which are then pulled along by a boat. Once you get comfortable there are also a number of tricks that you can perform.

Despite what you may think, you do not need to be able to hold your breath for a long time to enjoy the Subwing. A few seconds underwater is all that you need for a truly fantastic experience! You can also decide to stay on the surface and watch the beauties of the underwater world beneath you.


Also known as underwater hockey. The origins of octopush go back to 1950s England. It is essentially like playing hockey underwater, on the bottom of a swimming pool! Players wear snorkels and fins, and must try and get a weighted puck into the opposing team’s goal.

Obviously, this isn’t a great spectator sport but if you’re interested be sure to check out the British Octopush Association to find a game nearby!

SUP Yoga

If you have already mastered stand up paddling, then why not take things up a notch and try SUP yoga? For those yogis out there, it will not be a challenging yoga class, but performing simple yoga moves on an unbalanced paddle board really works all of your muscles!! If like me you like your yoga hot, practicing outdoors in the summer should make you sweat just as much! However, rather than leaving pools of sweat on your mat, you can cool down by hopping in the water. Ideal!! If yoga isn’t your thing, why not try SUP Surfing?

The Waboba

Switch beach balls up this summer and opt for a Waboba, the genius balls that bounce on water. The name refers to the Swedish brand ‘Waboba’ that created the ball and is an abbreviation of Water Bouncing Ball.

Kayak fishing

Kayaks are faster, lighter and more nimble than canoes, and now there are special models just for fishing! For those of you who aren’t extreme sports enthusiasts this may be more up your alley!  The best thing is kayak fishing is eco-friendly, quiet and even if you aren’t lucky enough to catch a fish you can get a little workout!

I hope this list inspires you to try something different this summer! There are countless summer sports to try out, if you haven’t ticked surfing off your list yet I highly encourage you to try!! Summer is also a fantastic time to workout outdoors, check this list of great beach workouts for some inspiration!

If you need some extra gear this summer be sure to head over to Urban Surfer and check out their awesome selection! Below are a few of my favourites!


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