Supra Breaker Shoes - Tan / Black

Supra Breaker Shoes Product Review

Supra Breaker Shoes Product Review

If you are looking for something cool but very much not like anything else then the Supra Breaker shoes are for you. A pair of basketball inspired high-tops constructed with a mix of superb materials. While this shoe obviously has a very familiar look to it, it genuinely stands out for being genuinely ultra modern.

Supra Breaker Shoes SUPRAFOAM Midsole

With a lightweight SUPRAFOAM midsole these shoes are incredibly comfortable, I know, I wear a pair! It seems to give great support while cushioning your foot perfectly. The way it cushions the foot means that your foot doesn’t move at all in the shoe yet doesn’t feel tight, restrictive or uncomfortable. It really does stand out from most shoes.

Supra Breaker Shoes Ankle Straps

The ankle and forefoot straps also mean that although this is a streetwear shoe rather than a basketball shoe per se I’m sure that they would be excellent on the court. Both straps really can lock in your foot meaning you can turn quickly without the shoe shifting.

Supra Breaker Shoes Duel-Traction Sole

The other component of the Supra Breaker which makes them a great all-around shoe is the ‘duel-traction rubber outsole’ something which definitely comes straight from basketball. The sole design means that without having a big chunky grip you get the directional grip in the right places. E.g. under the ball of the foot you have horizontal waves which mean as you put power down to accelerate you get the perfect grip. However, for turning, where the foot is flatter, you can use the rest of the grip which adds a verticle grip so you can power into those turns with confidence.

The supra Breaker Shoes are genuinely a perfect mix of style and function.

For more info why not watch the video below or take a look at the product page.

Supra Breaker Shoes

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