POC Fornix Helmet - Copper / Red

POC Fornix Helmet Product Review

POC Fornix Helmet Product Review

We are absolutely delighted to introduce POC to our snow gear range at Urban Surfer. I’m sure you already know just how good POC helmets and goggles are but just in case you haven’t come across POC before as a brand you really have stumbled upon an absolute tour de force when it comes to blending style, safety and comfort. The POC Fornix Helmet is an award-winning, lightweight helmet, ideal for skiing or snowboarding and very much fits into that POC ethos.

POC Fornix Helmet Safety 1st

When it comes to safety you can’t get better than the POC Fornix Helmet. The Fornix is an Aramid reinforced helmet which in laymen’s terms means that the helmet has a glass fibre style product which is used to connect the outer shell of the helmet to the foam liner. This means that they can add a huge amount of strength to the helmet whilst reducing the amount of material used on the outer shell and therefore saving overall weight. The Aramid strings also allow energy to be dispersed over the entire bridge of the helmet giving better energy absorption, again, making it a super safe choice.

POC Fornix Helmet Style

Let’s face it, it’s a fashion show out there on the slopes and since helmets have become a ‘must have’ item style has become an increasingly important consideration for anyone going riding. Obviously, all ski helmets are limited to a certain extent by the fact that they have to offer the best protection possible first and foremost yet companies like POC have managed to use the standard ‘necessary’ shape in ways that make for an incredibly cool look. The Fornix is no exception. The simple, understated, yet stylish look comes from the innovative use of the venting system to create shape and texture alongside the beautifully designed ear pads. This means that this helmet keeps it simple but is instantly recognisable and very stylish.

Since the main colours for this season are subdued ‘Autumnal’ colours the Copper/ Red colour really stands out without dominating the look of the rest of your outfit. I know it shouldn’t really matter but hey if you can look cool while riding then why not!

POC Fornix Helmet Comfort

Comfort is another area where POC helmets stand out. Their use of a ‘sized’ helmet provided with a selection of pads to get that ‘perfect fit’ means that you can wear this helmet all day without any discomfort. The excellent venting system is part of that as well. Whether its a super cold day and you need your helmet to trap as much heat as possible or a late-season warm day where you need to expel that same heat as quickly as possible the superb, and quite large, venting system means you don’t have to be uncomfortable no matter the conditions. Alongside the extremely well made and comfortable ear pads and the lightweight construction, this is a helmet which will remain comfortable all day.

If you would like to know more about the POC Fornix Helmet check out the product review video below or have a look at the product page below that.

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