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Ultimate skateboarder – all things needed to go to the top

Have you ever wondered why only a few can reach the ultimate skateboarder ranking? There are many people who like to ride, but who is a real fan? Who is ready to give up everything? Who has the goal to be accepted in any skateboarding community?

Climbing to the top is never easy. There will be many temptations along the way. But only few can say they reached their goal – an ultimate skateboarder.

Here are some very interesting skill tests!


Becoming an ultimate skateboarder – what will you need?

I won’t lie to you. This road will be difficult. Depending on your level of persistence, the place in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame is waiting for you.

Now let’s get to the point!


Choose your idol

This is the thing you must choose at the young age. Are you a fan of vert, street, or park skateboarding? Well, you can’t ask kids what is their favorite style. But you can ask them who is their favorite skateboarder.

Kids usually have idols that are related to the things they like. If they choose Tony Hawk, for example, their main goal is becoming popular and doing impossible tricks. Someone who really wants to be an ultimate skateboarder will probably choose the most influential ones. However, this is not a strict criterion. Maybe someone simply wants to follow the steps of a successful kid. There are many skateboarders who succeeded at the young age!

When your kid chooses Bob Burnquist or any older skateboarder who still competes, it might mean it wants a very long and successful career. The choice of an idol might talk about kids intentions. For example, I was a fan of Bob Burnquist when I was ten years old, and I am still his fan!


Work on your technique

The most difficult thing is explaining to the kid it should train. While the kid is 6-7 years old, you need to play with him. Take him to the skateboarding lesson, but don’t expect him to become the superstar. Something might be interested one day, while the other day it might be boring. Kids change their interests very often. When you want an ultimate skateboarder, try to keep skateboarding interesting to your kid.

Kids should learn basic things firststance, push, balance maintenance…

When your kid has learned it, try to work on the technique as much as you can. Technical training needs to go slowly, but effectively. Don’t expect difficult tricks during the first two years – be patient!

Is your kid talented? This tutorial might help you recognize the signs! But talent will go away if you don’t train regularly!


Choose your clothing style

It is sometimes difficult to fit into the skateboarding community. Ther are few clothing styles, and you will have to choose one as the time goes by.

Don’t make critical mistakes, for example, buying fancy shoes which are not suitable for skateboarding. Nobody wants to waste money. You need interesting, but functional items, if you want to look like an ultimate skateboarder!


Choose your discipline

There are few skateboarding disciplines. Depending on your riding style, you can find the most appropriate one. More details available here. An ultimate skateboarder is either a fan of 2-3 disciplines, either a master of one.


Are you ready to compete?

Well, many of us will ask when is the proper time to start competing. I can only provide you with one answer – when you kid feels it is ready. If you push him too early, you might create irrational fears. On the other hand, if you prohibit competitions, a kid might think it will never become an ultimate skateboarder and leave the sport. You need to play smart!


Are you ready to go pro and become an ultimate skateboarder?

Well, here comes the new dimension. There are many things you will have to give up. There are many friends you won’t be able to hang around with. But glory and fame have their own prizes, good and bad things.

Here are the most important facts you will have to work on!


Choose your competitions

Think about your budget, competition level, and possible rewards. You cannot expect to be the world champion immediately, you must start from minor competitions. There is one golden rule – don’t go on more than 2-3 competitions per month. And take 2-3 months off from competitions. Even an ultimate skateboarder needs to know when to rest!


Good nutrition is your ally

If you want to go higher, you will have to take care of all tiny things. Maybe one bad meal will not affect your career, but two or three definitively will. One week of bad nutrition might decrease your performances heavily.

You need to know what are the healthiest foods. This tutorial will help you see which foods mustn’t be avoided. You want to become an ultimate skateboarder sometime, right?


Psychological factors

This is the most critical part when it comes to the professional athlete. Every human is a unit for himself. First of all, you will have to think about few things:

  • Are you an adrenaline junkie? If you are, there are some recommendations for you here;
  • What kind of motivation is required for you to succeed? Someone likes to be pushed over the edge, while the others require peaceful lifestyle. Everything about motivation is described here;
  • You need to know whether your goal is to be an ultimate skateboarder or a regular skateboarder. If you only want to enjoy the ride, then relax and forget about your worries. Your skateboarding is the way to relax. This is not something where you look for the result.
  • Are you a potential teenager who can become an ultimate skateboarder? Focus on the result, throw everything you have on skateboarding.
  • We like various things in life. Someone will be attracted by money, others by fame or glory, while some people simply like to be idols. You need to know the key to your success. There is always the tiny thing that motivates you. Visiting a psychotherapist might be a good choice.
  • There are few bits of advice you will need to follow on your trip to the stars.


Strength and conditioning training sessions

Many coaches say you just need to train and work on the technique. But there is one more non-visible part of training sessions – strength and conditioning. This is what makes an ultimate skateboarder. He looks on all aspects of skateboarding, making the best of it!

We were talking about various core exercises which will improve the performances of your skateboarder. Core training is extremely important in skateboarding. Are you even aware how many times you need to maintain the position? You will have fewer problems if you regularly work on your core muscles.

Here is the list of most important skateboarding core exercises:


Hire a strength and conditioning coach! Someone needs to pay attention to your performances and keep your body fit. An ultimate skateboarder might even have up to 20 competitions per season. It is pretty hard, both physically and psychologically.


Are you a star? Your trip to an ultimate skateboarder has reached its final stage!


Develop your trademark

There is something you need to be known about. A sentence, T-shirt, statement, skateboarding style, mentality… Every superstar has a trademark which makes the recognition easier. Skateboarding community has to accept your trademark – make sure you have one!


Don’t be blinded by success

Many skateboarders go mad when they become superstars. Parties, bad habits, popularity… it can easily ruin your career if you don’t know how to deal with it. Everybody will start knowing you, you will be in the public eye… You will need to know how to select people. If you are too much relaxed, your career will come to an end before it has even started.


It is more difficult to remain on top

There is a good reason why you can call Bob Burnquist an ultimate skateboarder. He is 41 years old, he still competes, and he is still one of the best skateboarders in the world!

You need to train two times more. Every single reporter wants an interview, everybody wants a piece of you. You will need to be super strong to deal with this. You must be stone cold.


Repay to the society

Do you know how many skateboarders decided to give money to the people who don’t have it at all? You will be respected – 1000 dollars means nothing to you, but a child who suffered an earthquake can buy food, or find a shelter! Be a big athlete – repay when you become a superstar!







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