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Introducing Ed: Top 5 Underrated Skate Video Sections

5 Underrated Skate Video Sections

I’ll start with an introduction, I’m Ed I’ll be writing the blogs on skateboarding and putting up some videos, I thought for my first post I’d like to share some of my favourite underrated video parts to help get you inspired to go out, skate and try something new, so in no particular order here are my 5 underrated video sections.

Daewon Song – Deca 2nd to none 2001

A well-known skater and a mostly forgotten brand, this 2001 video was actually the first skate video I ever owned, in fact, I played the tape that many times it stopped working. we all know who Daewon is now but before he was the biggest skater on Instagram he rode for his own company Deca skateboards, who only existed for three years, during which they had a high calibre team boasting such names as Chris Haslam, Marcus Mcbride, Cooper Wilt and JBGillett, I would recomend watching the whole video at some point if you don’t have time for that just check this part you can still see his creativity shining through in his skating, the amount of nose trick variations is unreal, the home made spots we’re used to seeing from him but more street based than the transition we’ve become accustomed to with his more modern sections , for a part almost twenty years old it hasn’t dated

Tony Trujillo –Transworld – in bloom 2002

The intro from John Cardiel says it all, I won’t repeat it here I’ll let you watch it yourself.

As for my reasons on including it in this list I know it’s not the most technical part there is with only a handful of flip tricks, but that style and flow are a real pleasure to watch and more than make up for the slim flip tricks. The song selection is perfect for it, whenever I hear motley crue kick-start my heart I want to start carving a bowl like Tony T, seriously watch this section then go skate with this song in your headphones [Love that tune! – Ed].

Simon Woodstock –  any video he’s in

If you don’t know who Simon Woodstock is you would have seen his influences in people you know, such as Dan Cates. He is possibly one of the most unique and creative skateboarders there’s been, from riding weird, wacky and wonderful boards, such as a skim board, a fish tank, a crucifix and even a big fat sixteen wheeler board with three sets of trucks on, he was doing what revive are doing now but he was doing it better over twenty years ago. If you haven’t checked any of his stuff out already, there’s a plethora of his stuff online, so climb down that rabbit hole and get inspired.

Bob Burnquist – The firm – Can’t stop 2003

Before e the mega ramp became what it is now, bob was known for his prowess on a vert ramp, wining most of the comps he entered, this section will show you why, while you try to figure out what stance he skates, seriously the amount of switch tricks he accomplishes is amazing then add in the style he does them with and you have one hell of a part, the section even showcases his backyard pool and street skills, an ender of doing the loop would have sufficed, (the loop was still new at the time) but bob goes above and beyond buy not only doing it switch, but by taking the top of the loop away completely.

Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta – Osiris – Subject to change 2003

A joint video section now, with Louie Barletta joining forces with Jerry Hsu to create this masterpiece of a video. It’s such a fun video with plenty circus tricks that look like they would be easy to do, but are deceptively difficult (trying to footplant a wall down some stairs was a lot scarier than fourteen year old me anticipated) it’s not just the fun tricks that make this art brilliant, the style on offer and the tech street skating are a real pleasure to watch, these guys are the skateboarding tag team equivalent of wrestlings legion of doom.  This was the best section on the entire video, that’s not to undersell the video as it features Ali Boulala, Diego Bucchieri and PLG.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and maybe it’s helped you find a new favourite section, remember and old favourite, or just inspire you to go out and skate, if there’s any arts you think I’ve missed point them out to me in the comments,

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