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Enjoy Skateboarding – Urban Surfer’s Ultimate Guide

There are many ways to enjoy skateboarding. Have you ever wondered how you can improve the feel of it? Many skateboarders simply ride for fun. There are also athletes who want to become professionals and superstars. But what if you are a simple regular man who wants to enjoy the ride?

Simply follow our tutorial and learn how to enjoy skateboarding! You don’t need to invest a lot of money, but you can feel like never before!


Enjoy skateboarding – where to start


The first thing you will need is a good skateboard. Urban Surfer offers so many various choices. Depending on your goals, there is a big chance you will be able to find the most suitable one. Make sure it fully fits your style and intentions. Obtain a longboard if you want to enjoy skateboarding like a pro. On the other hand, you might like performing tricks. In that case, purchase a regular skateboard.

Buying protection gear is the most vital thing you have to do before even thinking of going further. Here is a good tutorial to help you make the choice. The last thing you need is an injury before you even started, think about your safety! Maybe you simply want to enjoy skateboarding between your work sessions. Who knows, some of you will find skateboarding relaxing. It could be a way to recharge your batteries. The last thing you need is an injury. The effect will be negative in real-life happenings too. Remember, our goal is to stay positive!

Did you fulfill those two? Great! You are ready for the next step!


Enjoy skateboarding – developing your skills and entering community


A rookie will have a hard time becoming the member of the skateboarding community. You need to think like a skateboarder and have some skills to be accepted. It will provide you with a better probability to enjoy skateboarding. First of all, your goal is not becoming a superstar. But basic skills are required to be accepted.

Here is the list of basic things you should learn in the beginning, which can be performed with a longboard too. A skater who really wants to enjoy skateboarding has the ability to jump or make attractive movements while he takes a tour around the city. On the other hand, jumping is important – there might be rocks or other obstacles in your way – it is a perfect way to evade it!

Your clothes will talk a lot about your skateboarding style – make sure you pick the most appropriate one. It is always better to protect all parts of your body from tears and scratches. Here is a good tutorial which explains everything about skateboarding clothes. If you want to be accepted into the skateboarding community and enjoy skateboarding, you need to be accepted. Change yourself, be the chameleon!

Choose your track. Are you going to ride in a skateboarding park, or you will choose a 2-mile track with obstacles? The choice rests on your shoulders. We are not the same after all. Someone prefers hanging around with a huge number of people, while others are loners by nature. Who knows, adrenaline junkies might even be attracted by vert skateboarding! Make sure you find the most appropriate thing to fully satisfy your needs!

Find friends. Skateboarding community has a lot to offer. If you have similar interests or hang around in the park at the same time of day, this is a great way to start. You might find more mutual topics than you could even imagine! Everybody has something that makes him feel relaxed and happy, you just need to discover it!

Try to stick to your routine. If you plan to enjoy skateboarding once per month, that’s fine. But you will not be able to enter the community or find friends. Maybe you should have a fixed schedule. For example, you can determine two days during the week, where you will have one or two hours to enjoy skateboarding. When you are seen in the same places over and over, people will start thinking you really like a particular habit.


Enjoy skateboarding – some things you should forget about

Your cell phone is not the thing which is required during the ride. You will probably say no to this but read carefully. When you drive a car and talk on your cell phone or type messages, you are increasing the chance of crashing your vehicle. The same thing applies for skateboarding – you really don’t need to fall. You are off balance when you ride, and what happens when you try a trick out? Listen to our advice – cell phone is not a necessary tool when you go riding. Just leave it at your home, or keep it in your bag if you visit skateboarding park. The message or call is not more important than your health!

Putting a tripod or a headphone set in your ears might also sound like a wrong decision. Why? Are you aware how dangerous the traffic is? Just one moment of distraction might cost you falling, hard injury, or even death! You need to be a responsible skateboarder. The only way you can enjoy skateboarding without risking is maximizing your attention levels! Listen to the music at home, forget about headphone set during the ride!

You must be aware of your qualities and skills. Feel free to try a trick which is slightly above your level, but don’t try a wall ride if you are a beginner! There is a level of each trick! Don’t overestimate your possibilities.

You will have to focus on the pavement, concrete, skateboarding park… Other things mustn’t be in the center of your attention. Focus on the ride, not on unnecessary things. You need to take a look in front of you, not to the left or right. The worst thing you can do is look at some random people and hit a steel construction. Even the slightest bump can create tons of problems when your minds are at some other place at the moment.

If you like to ride down the street, don’t go to the vert immediately. Someone who enjoys skateboarding and professional skateboarder – these are two completely different dimensions. A lot of training is required to master your skills. When somebody says he can perform a rocket air after three months of training, you should wonder how hard his imagination is. The gradual approach is very important if you want to enjoy skateboarding.

You shouldn’t start your long distance riding without a proper warm-up. Just like any activity, skateboarding affects some parts of your body, mostly legs. This is the reason why you should increase the temperature of your joints, muscles, and tendons. Any physical activity that has sudden direction changes or movements could be extremely harmful without a proper warm-up session. Believe me, you don’t need an injury!

Is your session over? I guess you don’t want to enjoy skateboarding anymore and you need to go home… But you forget one last thing – stretching! The muscle which is not stretched after the activity has more chances of hurting. You need to do the best for your body, and stretching will also decrease the chances of injury. Stretch your adductors, quads, calves, abductors, hamstrings, glutes, and especially lower back muscles. The highest force of impact during skateboarding goes on lower back muscles, especially when you jump and land. For example, if you stretch hamstrings for one minute, stretch lower back for at least two minutes!

The last thing which is needed to fully enjoy skateboarding is a good backpack. Many things can be put inside – foods, water, clothes, shoes… A good rucksack provides you with an amazing choice of tools. Don’t just take everything with you, it will make your riding impossible. A backpack rarely costs more than 50-70 pounds, and it will save your time and comfort! UrbanSurfer currently has an amazing offer for backpacks! There are so many new models available in various colors!


You can simply enjoy skateboarding without thinking of any single consequence. That is why you should follow this tutorial thoroughly. You need to turn your rides into an enjoyment, not nightmare! It is an activity which allows you to release negative energy. Stay positive, ride smartly, and enjoy skateboarding!




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